My Fear of Lack (+ Transforming Your Life)

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Are you afraid that you might not achieve the lifestyle, career success and level of financial freedom you desire?

OR… if you do achieve it, it might be taken from you in some way?

This is the fear of lack.

And I deeply suffered from this fear for so long.

I thought I couldn’t have a successful career. I didn’t believe I had what it takes to maintain, let alone achieve, such success. I thought a thriving career wasn’t available to me.

I often feared that I would never have enough money for what I needed and that money wasn’t available to me. And until recently I thought I had to work really, really hard just to earn a small amount of money!

My fear of lack didn’t stop with my career and money: I had the exact same feelings about my relationships with men.  I wanted to have a committed, loving and supportive relationship, but I was afraid I’d never find it.

I was afraid there weren’t enough good men out there and if I did marry, I would have to sacrifice much of what was important to me. I deeply desired an empowered man to be in a healthy, passionate relationship with. And yet, I never seemed to meet him. I started to believe the relationship I wanted didn’t exist!

Worst of all… I started to doubt the LIFE I desired was available. And it was this “fear of lack” that held me back for so long.

It wasn’t until having these things in my life became a non-negotiable and I truly committed to doing the work that I was able to transform my relationship with career, men and money!
If you’re in fear about some of the same things, you don’t have to live with this fear any longer.

You must deeply believe – and know – that the life you desire is available for you. EVERY last ounce of it!

:: You can transform your relationship story and find a magnificent, loving partner.
:: You can have all the money you need….and more…to do amazing things in the world.
:: You can become the confident, feminine leader you were meant to be!

If you are ready to change your beliefs and get rid of old conditioning, fears and doubts about your career, relationship with money and romance, please allow me to share what is, without a doubt, possible for you.

You can immediately open yourself up to the abundance and support you crave today!


  1. Ah soulsister, you are speaking from heart! You wrote exactly what I scribbled down in my journal – in way more chaotic ways – last night. This is so TRUE! I am guilty of a great amount of fear of lack. But last night I realized that I had the power to change that. Everything is possible for everyone!
    Sending you much love,
    xx Ronja

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