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Best Virtual Assistant

Hello there! My name is Indigo Colton and I am a virtual assistant. I’ve been doing this for over a year now, and one thing that I’ve realized is just how hard it is for business owners to find VAs to help them get to the next level. I was tired of the secrecy that I saw when entrepreneurs and business owners were trying to find their perfect assistants, and when they’d settle for someone that was so-so just because they were the first to respond. I wrote  Your Ultimate VA Crash Course, to help clear some of the secrecy and mystery around finding your perfect VA. I know that the process I’ve outlined will help you find the best virtual assistant for you, so you don’t have to settle. Because you deserve someone who is as passionate and dedicated to your business as you are! To help raise the curtain even more, I reached out to Danielle and asked if she’d be willing to talk about her own journey to finding her VA and what it’s like to work with them.


Most days, I feel like I have it all– a flourishing business, fabulous husband and life I love. So much of that is possible due to my virtual assistant. Hiring Danielle Zeigler three years ago turned controlled chaos into a streamlined machine.

When you’re running a business, systems are so important. Danielle helped create procedures and processes for how we roll out blog posts and the social media to support it. Many arms of my business have been systemized because of Danielle’s ideas and influence. As a result, I have more freedom to be in creative projects, working with clients and manifesting my dream life vs. the day-to-day tasks.

I believe you can have it all, and for me, that meant not doing it all myself.

Masters are masters for a reason–they stay in their zone of genius. By delegating to my VA, I can create rich, high-frequency content for my blog and clients. It allows me to devote even more time to exploring how clients can lift their intensity, claim their power and design a life they love.

Danielle allows me to focus on my mastery. The peace of mind peace of mind I have in her work is priceless!