Finding Fun = Feeling Good = Life Flows

Dr. Danielle Dowling's son finding fun


Ah, a subject matter my 3 ½ year old son, Aiden, knows all too well! Fun comes naturally to him, as the purpose of every moment of every day is truly to have fun. Gleefully, joyfully seeking and searching for what fun can be had right now and right now and right now!

He wakes in the morning playfully hiding under the covers, as I search for his two little feet.  Giggles bellowing below mountains of colorful blankets. Breakfast is served with a side of ever present dancing and singing, and we don’t walk to the car, we run! “Let’s see who wins!” he announces, because a race is so much more fun than a casual stroll. It’s been over 100 degrees in Los Angeles recently, and yet Aiden has generated enough excited anticipation for Halloween that we have been to Party City three times in search of the most fun costume ever!

The purpose of life, as I imagine Aiden sees it, is to laugh belly laughs full of enjoyment. Imaginary magic wand in hand, he can transform any mundane moment into an experience to be joyfully indulged in. You see, there is always fun to be had, according to Aiden. No moment, no environment, no activity, no friend is without the potential to be relished.

He looks for it.
He seeks it.
He anticipates it, and in doing so, finds it. 
He locates the fun-feel-good moments at play within any speck of time.

Aiden is not alone in his possession of this fantastical ability. This skill that transforms time into a fairytale of limitless possibility. Adults have the very same talent, yet we often forget we can do so. As full grown adults, we become like Sleeping Beauty–asleep to the fun of life.

Oh, the joy to have if only we allow ourselves the gift of resurrecting and dusting off our own magic wands from childhood! Yes! You have a wand, and I have a wand, and men just as much as women have a magic wand! What does yours look like? Remember it. Close your eyes and see it again. Is it a kaleidoscope of colors? Does it have streamers attached to the handle?  Perhaps gold and silver glitter floats about happily within it’s base? Whatever it may be, enjoy imagining it back to life! It is yours to do, to have, to be and know the pleasure of living.

There are a multitude of fun, feel good reasons to feel good everyday. You see, “finding the fun” in life is a skill set to be mastered. Furthermore, it is a powerful and potent manifestation tool. Yes, when one finds the fun, one also taps into the feeling of feeling good, which in turn raises one’s vibration, which in turn makes you a magnet for even more fun and exciting people, opportunities and experiences to flow effortlessly into your life.

This is the core essence of The Law of Attraction, which you have heard so much about.  Finding Fun = Feeling Good = Life Flows.

Watch your children manifest abundance with ease. If you don’t have children, watch your neighbor’s children. Sit on a park bench, at the beach and watch children find the gift of fun available in the present moment. In many respects, they are the world’s best mentors and life coaches.

If you desire to have way more fun in your life…
If you want to feel appreciation more often…
If you wish to consistently feel good and therefore consistently manifest prosperity…

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