The Weekend Hot List

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Need some fresh date night ideas?  I love these.

Do you have the guts to follow your instincts?
The voice inside would not stop. It had finally found it’s way out. My solar plexus pulsed. Power center coming back online. I got up and made tea, and then sat in the early morning hours slowly drinking it, slowly taking it in, down my throat.I sat down on the cushion for a short meditation…that stretched into an hour. This NO was going NOwhere. It had come home and had NO intention of leaving.

Working out without even realizing it!

Gluten free banana bread with chocolate chips?  Yes, please!

A good reminder for those of us whose happy-ever-after didn’t work out the first time around.

Whew!  Hannah has got some writing chops!
The woman leaning into a sexiness that with one glance you can feel down to your toes.
The woman who is practicing not to leap, but to simply sip her coffee, make her bed, look at her own eyes in the mirror and create a doorway for who she is becoming

Let’s create a new holiday called ‘What About You?” Day.

Yes. A thousand times yes!

What happens when you accept ‘fat girl’ identity and fashion?

We all want more energy, right?

I loved Karen’s words of advice to her daughter about fitting in.
Self-appoint yourself the Arbiter of of Your Own Cool.  This is an incredibly hard thing to do, especially for kids, but for us grown-ups too.  But for the most part, doing this requires an honest answer to the following question:  “If my friend/this magazine/my coworkers/this commercial had never said X was cool, would I still think X was cool/buy X/wear X/do X?”  If the answer is yes, then go for it.  Similarly, I ask myself if someone other than me says something isn’t cool, would I still think it is?  Then again, if the answer is yes, I still go for it.

How gorgeous is this copper cuff?!

Have a gorgeous weekend!