My Ability to Focus is My Ability to Succeed (Video)

View out of an open window with books on the windowsill to represent focus and success

When we focus our energy in one concentrated direction, it becomes as if a mighty laser that can pierce and slice through any and all distractions. Yes, it can cut through to what is most meaningful and heartfelt. When we are unable to do this, it is because our energy is scattered about in so many directions. Quite simply, we are thinking of too many things at once, and as a result, find we don’t get very much done. This can leave one feeling tired and unaccomplished.

The feeling of success is most often generated from completing tasks or moving about in the world in a way that contributes to our sense of freedom, joy and expansion.  Therefore, as we collect our energy back home and allow ourselves to focus on one project, one email, one phone call and one conversation at a time, we will find we have a tremendous ability to get a lot done towards our goals and intentions.

Do join me for this week’s teaching as we explore the importance of focus and how to do so in a way that truly leaves one feeling successful and energized!

I do hope you enjoy this video I recorded for my very special, private Facebook group, Radiant Living. It is my delight to pop in and share my deepest personal lessons and joys. I fully believe we are students and friends in the practice of self-expansion together.

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