Get More Of What You Want (& 3 books that have made me wealthier + more on purpose)

a stack of books on a table

The key to getting anything you want in life begins not with:
a strong business plan,
a load of cash
or even creative genius.

Getting anything you want begins with remembering the TRUTH of who you are.
The goal of life is to know yourSELF.
“Knowing” is the acceptance of your innate creative power + wholeness and it begins with addressing the wounds in the places you feel broken.

Heal your spirit;
define your burning desire;
enact a plan to achieve it and then move towards it with a “no excuses” no-matter-what policy and you will get anything you want.

Unfortunately, we often choose fear over love.
And because we choose a disempowerment instead of empowerment we are often afraid of failing.  Of embarrassing ourselves.  Of vulnerability.  Of rejection.

When we let ourselves be directed by this fear, we:
feel an intense need to control things
the need for approval
the need for external power
We feel constricted and compare ourselves to others. “Do they have more than me?  Do I have more than them?”
We feel the pull to tirelessly search for “the next thing” to satisfy us.

The reality?  Your fear is unnecessary.
The investment in fear is what keeps you afraid.

“All things you seek to make your value greater in your sight limit you further, hide you from you, hide you from your worth and add another bar across the door that leads to true awareness of your Self.”  – A Course In Miracles

The TRUTH of who you really are:
infinitely creative

End the fear + sub-level anxiety you’ve made your daily companion. Begin to shift from a false sense of self to your true identity.

How to Shift to Your True Identity

Step 1:
Start by simply observing and recognizing your own mind patterns.
That recognition – the observing presence in you – is NOT part of the old conditioning of the false identity.

Notice when you are making a mental complaint against yourself.
Notice when you are experiencing hyper-vigilance + control seeking.
Notice when the thoughts and actions you take are motivated by fear.

Write it down in a journal or in your iPhone and witness how you speak to yourself.  Are you being your own best friend or a cruel adversary?

Step 2: Repeat this mantra:
“I will accept the truth of what I am and let my mind be wholly healed today.”
Or this one:
“I was created as the women I seek.  I am already her.
Nothing I do or think or wish or make is necessary to establish my worth”

Step 3: I typically follow a “no overwhelm” and  “no excuses” policy.  However, with all of the responsibilities of being a woman entrepreneur (not to mention the other areas of our lives) sometimes the to-do lists and fear around accomplishing can feel overwhelming. So in addition to steps 1 and 2 I always try to look for great reads with useful tools and tips to support my spiritual practice.

I wanted to share three books that have changed my life this past summer:

Conscious Language-The Logos of Now
Think and Grow Rich for Women
The Way of the Superior Man

I highly recommend you check them out if some of your goals exist around wealth consciousness, being on purpose, communication and understanding men!  Please email me and share your thoughts if you have read any of these books already OR as you finish them.

I know you are meant for an amazing, abundant life!