Blogs I Heart: Gift Giving + Eating Intuitively

It’s that time of year! I love this post on preserving the art of gift giving.
“Psychologists report that, in the act of gift giving, it is the gift giver that gains more psychologically than the gift receiver.”

I could just eat up Goop’s 2015 gift guide and especially these texting gloves! Perfect!

We’ve ALL experienced an entertaining mishap before, right?

What a great reminder: “Just because she’s beautiful doesn’t mean you aren’t

Watch this video when you think you’re about to fail and need an extra boost of inspiration.

When was the last time you ate intuitively?

If you’re into podcasts you must check out this list. (P.S. One involves the Gilmore Girls.)

If anyone knows what it means to BE a brand, it’s Cindy Crawford.

This unpleasant reality about working for yourself is SO true! Who else can relate?

Are you building your house on rented land?

Before you get too far into 2016 planning, find out what kind of planner you are.

Yes, yes, yes! 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Wins

Let’s put the phones down already and TALK.

Pumpkin pie in a mug?! Yes please!


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