Monday Motivation: The Sweet Gifts of “Me Time”

me time

Fresh out of the holiday haze I’m feeling revved up and ready to put my 2015 plans into action. Much of this motivation is to one part enlightenment and two parts exhaustion!

Buzzing through the chaos of mounting deadlines, and to-do lists as long as your arm, the last couple of weeks of the year can really create a frantic frenzy of stress and pressure. I often find myself feeling burnt out and craving quality relaxation and down time . Rushing through our days and whizzing around can leave us easily forgetting about the most significant person in our life. Ourselves!  Even though this neglect can be mild it is just enough to keep us from tuning into are thoughts and emotions.

The New Year is traditionally the most popular time of the calendar year to recommit to living bolder, learning about ourselves and seeking greater clarity and confidence.  Quite simply it is the perfect time for putting plans into action. And in order to set  and make a change, it’s so important to turn inward. Shift away from the distractions, the continuous clutter, the noise and into a place of solitude + connectivity with yourself. Somewhere you can listen to your soul’s deepest desires. 

“Me time” will always be different for each of us and even though the quietness of your own thoughts can sometimes feel bit scary it doesn’t have to be! Truth be told–it is often the place the answers you’ve been seeking can be found.  There is deep value + truth in solitude when we actually allow ourselves to break through and experience it. Twitter_logo_blue  We have the beautiful option of choosing to make it an enlightened place rather than a lonely one.

Three of the gifts solitude has to offer?
Perspective: There is always a more empowered perspective, you’ve just got to be emotionally present enough to see it and deep quite can give you this.
Our most ingenious ideas and revelations can not be forced and I find that “divine downloads” can be encouraged with a healthy does of reflection and relaxation.
Clarity: When you turn down the noise and disconnect from distraction your clear and potent truth has a way of gently bubbling to the surface.  It paves the way for next steps that are fueled in integrity and power.

Owning our worthiness is partially due to acknowledging that we are sacred.

Honor your divine being.

Seek solitude + connect to the answers you have been longing for.



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