Gnarly Mistakes

pink guitar and game

There’s no avoiding them.

Don’t cover them up.
Don’t pretend they don’t exist.
Really, really don’t blame someone else.

Own it.
It’s probably your fault, anyway.

Look,  you’re going to ‘eff up.
You have before.
And you will again.

You’ll wish you did.
You’ll wish you didn’t.
You’ll wish you said this or didn’t say that.

It’s too late.
The point is:  you did or didn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t.

And there is always something better to do with your time + energy then pointing the finger elsewhere Twitter_logo_blue
or telling yourself stories about why your less than stellar reaction was the right one.

It wasn’t.

Invite introspection.
Stretch your perspective.
Stop in your tracks.

Open up to witnessing behavior patterns that simply don’t serve you or the world.
Observe without judgment and without emotional self- mutilation
because that is pointless as well.

Emotional self-mutilation sounds like this:  “Why am I so stupid?” “Why do I always make the same mistakes, something must be wrong with me.” Why can’t I just get this right, I’m never going to be good at this.”  A sharp tongue lashing  is never a good idea and never ever productive.

Elect for accountability instead + get the lesson so you don’t have to repeat it.
Because the universe just loves to dish up, again and again, the
lessons we refuse to learn the first time.

The choice is always yours.

Mess up. Learn. Move on.


Photo by corey oconnell on Unsplash