Blogs I Heart: Online Businesses + Golden Theme Parties

cup on top of books

I’ve been doing these stretches for the past week, and they’re so helpful if you work at a desk all day!

Business owners, bookmark these! 23 Phrases Every Stressed Out, Strung Out, Well-Meaning (Yet Irritable) Business Owner Needs to Memorize TODAY.

All creative entrepreneurs deal with uncertainty. Here’s what you can do about it.

If you own an online business, do yourself a favor and print this monthly checklist to keep it healthy!

If you run a blog or website and don’t have Google Analytics set up, do it now!

How cute are these DIY home office projects?

If you’re thinking of self-publishing, read this interview with Anna Watson Carl.

You are in control. I would love for everyone to read this beautiful reminder, and apply it to your career as well as your life in general.
“It is crucial for each of us to remember the power of our mind’s ability to choose. No matter what fate befalls us, who inflicts pain upon us and when the suffering occurs, we still have the ability to choose how to respond to what occurs.”

You’ve heard it’s a bad idea to grocery shop while hungry, but you better grab a snack before hitting the mall too!

This heart-warming video about death, organ transplants and love is worth watching. We’re so much more than skin and bones, dear ones.

If you’re looking for no-fluff, straight-forward dating advice, check out this site.

Can my next birthday party have this golden theme, please?

Yum! These shamrock shake healthy bites are just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. You bet I’ll be making these carrot cake energy bites around Easter, too!

Have you ever wondered why positive thinking is so hard?

It’s true, dear readers. I love you all this much! Happy Sunday, beauties.


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