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Do you worry too much? Try this Grand Canyon visualization trick.

My most popular blog post is about letting go.

Always choose love, and why you shouldn’t trust the news.
I choose love over fear. I choose to believe that there are more people on this planet that want peace and love and happiness. Even if the media only shows us the 1% that choose war and hate and misery. It doesn’t make it true.”

I’m digging this new podcast by Kira Saban on love, dating + relationships.

Such an interesting post on why the car is an inevitable battlefield for relationships. What do you think?

Does your situation cause you to act differently?
“And those people you judge as evil, bad, careless, ignorant or crazy — maybe if their circumstances were different, they would act differently.”

Are you engaging in self-inflicted negativity? Read this.

Everyone can benefit from this: 25 Things I Do To Love My Body (And How You Can Too)

YUM! This vegan maple cinnamon ice cream is perfect for summer.

Do you have a Sunday pancake tradition? Even if you don’t, you must try these Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes.

Looking for healthy food + exercise inspiration? Check out Health Jen.

Let’s rethink our work days and work weeks.
“Why shouldn’t we work less hours? Evidence suggests we work smarter when our parameters are narrowed. The French have mandated reduced working hours. They like it. Four-day work weeks…I can vouch for them (I still take Thursdays off and get just as much done in a week).”

Thinking of creating an e-book? Download this free workbook to get started.

Yes, yes + yes! Read this now: 3 Toxic Myths About Money And Time

What is fear keeping you from doing? Don’t let it stop you from playing bigger in business + life.

Get a dose a beautiful inspiration here.

Ready to make a change, fast? Find your passion in 7 days. (for free!)

Putting your life out there on the internet can be hard, but this will help: How to deal when people unsubscribe/unfollow/troll your blog

You’ve wanted to start a blog for months (or years!), so why not spend 5 minutes + take the plunge today? This guide is so easy, you don’t need to be a techie to understand.


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