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Who wants to join me for this free 10 day self-care challenge?

Cheap. Easy. And a radical life-shifter.

You’ll need some of these and these to survive the holidays!

The holidays also often mean travel. Try these 7 ways to stay healthy.

Yes! I need more of these reminders!
“You are exactly where you need to be, and everything you have is enough.”

Loving this.  Witty, sarcastic, bitty, just funny + still lands on a message.

SPOT on. What is your bullshit story?

I’ve always wanted to create an altar.
“Altars can be made for any number of reasons; to honour, to give thanks, to meditate, to heal, and for other religious and spiritual purposes. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to creating your own altar.”

We could ALL use this reminder! How to stay in the moment (and stop zooming ahead)

Focusing on gratitude all year long with Simply Alexandra. Join me!

Absolutely misty-eyed and stoked about Danika’s new passion project.

This song lights me up with its beauty. Check out “Letting Go Of Me” on the singer/songwriter tab.

Can’t stop listening to this podcast. So good!

How fun would it be to have a cookbook club? Here’s how to get started.

No one likes a pushy sales person. Here’s some business advice on following up that I can get behind.

I can’t go all-digital when cute planners like this exist.

Asking for a raise is tricky. I love these 10 tips to make it easier. Set your own salary? Make sure you’re charging what you’re worth.

If you’re working on an ebook, or have one for sale, you’ll want to consider this.  Once you’re finished, here are 5 ways to get the internet excited about it.

These personalized holiday gift ideas are perfection. Or you could DIY with these relaxing bath salts or face scrubs.


  1. Thanks for sharing my self-care challenge – people are loving it and it’s so great to see people taking care of themselves in the busy holiday season! Have a beautiful week 🙂 x

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