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Emotional Healing & Finding Inner Peace

Why is it that we so often don’t follow through with our deepest intentions for ourselves? How often have we found ourselves making grand plans, and yet when the moment to move forward arrives, we fail to act? It’s like this with feelings as well. We claim to know what to do when hurt arises or how to create greater abundance, yet what we know flies out the window in place of egoic reactions that don’t serve.  

We can and will do better! For joy is our natural inheritance and destiny. It is time for humanity, namely you in this case, to come home to the understanding of one’s power to manage, morph and mold one’s inner world to your advantage. “To one’s advantage” is a phrase that may sound manipulative to some, and yes, it is a kind of manipulation. In this case, in a very, very good way. You see, we are not a pawn or victim of life. No, you are royalty, grand and glorious, and it is appropriate that humanity, that’s you again, learn to become more mastery over one’s emotional feeling world.

For how can we truly ascend and graduate to an experience of greater inner and outer freedom, joy, expansion and peace without the clarity of being available to navigate and regulate our feelings with ease and grace? Yes, dear one, being in a powerful relationship with one’s emotions is entirely possible, and the next quantum leap for humanity. For at the moment, many on the planet don’t possess this dynamic with their feelings, therefore resulting in much inner chaos, which further creates outer chaos. Hence, the disorder we see in the world. There is not an individual who doesn’t, can’t, and will not impact the greater whole. Surely, after the recent health crisis you do see this, don’t you?  

For it’s most certainly true, there is nowhere the individual can go where they are not affected by another. The reality of our interconnectedness has never been so clear. An event in China quickly arrived at the world’s front door. An evident example of how not separate we are. Yet, let’s go back to you, for there is no expectation that you now go “out there” to save the world. Rather, know that the most significant gift we can provide the health and well being of humanity is to pay attention to and focus on developing one’s sense of freedom.  

Begin there. Begin at home and trust that self-love will stretch to every nook and corner of the planet! It could not not do so. Isn’t this just a glorious gift of inner knowing? As love, emotional relief and understanding is provided by you and for you one is saving the world! How’s that for a win/win resolution?

Dear one, I would very much like to invite you, with big open arms, to join me for a very special upcoming event titled: A ThankFull Walk & Talk.

I’m imagining a casual yet purposeful walk about where we can discuss all things elation and freedom. Joy and abundance is our inheritance. Yet, we have not been properly taught how to best access that feeling state.

In a series of clear tips, tricks and steps, I will define a handful of the key practices for abundant living. Easy, straightforward and simple in nature, these tips are approachable. The only requirement is your heartfelt intention and practice. Yes, practice is the name of the game.

For without practice and habituation, we return to old, egoic ways. Yet, I think we can both agree that the egoic way of living is not our proverbial “happy place.” Do join me May 11th-May 18th, and let’s raise the bar on expansive living.

It is there.
It is there.
It is only right there.

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