The Weekend Hot List

I always think of New York Fashion Week as being super stressful and manic – but look at this gorgeous show filled with light and beautiful, wearable clothes!

I love these iphone wallpapers – what a good reminder!

If a few extra pounds from the holidays (and all the Valentine’s candy) are still hanging on, you’ll love this post about how to taste everything and binge on nothing.
My brother Danny is 23 years old, and he lives with Jade and I. Like most 23 year-olds, he orders a burger and fries 90% of the time we go to dinner. So I started just plucking one single fry from his plate every dinner. Even when I didn’t really want one. Simply to REINFORCE that I can taste something and then move on. I’d grab a fry, douse it in ranch :)  and then proceed to eat my protein & veggies. This became a practice that has carried over into all meals and all my interactions with food.

Related: let’s bring back dinner time!  And let’s serve egg white battered grilled cheese with greens and sweet potato banana brownies for dessert!

Are you waiting for permission to shine?

I love this: a dating bill of rights.
I have a right to:
Ask for a date
Refuse a date
Suggest activities
Refuse any activities, even if my date is excited about them
Have my own feelings and be able to express them
Say, “I think my friend is wrong and his actions are inappropriate.”
Tell someone not to interrupt me
Have my limits and values respected

I love pet portraits – how cute are these?!

Have you ever heard of Qoya?

Was one of your resolutions for this year to travel more? 6 travel tips to get out of your comfort zone.

Is work/life balance possible?  Well, we’ll get a lot closer when we have a ‘home base

Have you ever had style envy? (Me, too.) Here’s how to get over it.

I’ve made a declaration of gratitude in the past – but if you need a refresher, here’s how to cultivate more gratitude in your life.

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