How Do You Wear Your Soul? (the how-to’s of baring it all)

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What does it mean to wear your soul on your sleeve?

Baring your soul is about doing business + life from a place of:
in-your-zone genius,
rich authenticity,
no apologies greatness.

It’s about a commitment to experiencing a life better lived + to achieving
your dreams – whatever they may be.

It’s about creating things from the depths of your being and
sharing it with the world with generous gusto.

It’s about making a pledge to suspend hesitation,
self-doubt and all the “shoulds.”

Truth? Your only requirement in this life is the journey to self.
The discovery, recognition + most importantly celebration of your soul’s essence.

How do you celebrate all the quirky, original, fascinating, freaky
+ idiosyncratic characteristics that make you-you?

How do you package your genius + promote your passion?
Perhaps you wear your soul in your style of dress;
in the color you paint your nails or hair; in the way you write.  Maybe you are committed to a green lifestyle or express your soul’s joy through cooking or non-profit work.  Maybe your soul comes alive through exercise and endurance sports or just being out in nature.

How do you say :

Imagine what you could inspire if you loosen the shackles + revel in who you are.

The world does not need denial.
What we need is your commitment to celebrating it.

Because when you celebrate the commitment to baring your soul
you give us permission to celebrate ours.

What makes your soul spark?

:: What are you doing when you feel useful, inspired, confident and free?

:: What are three adjectives that describe you at your best?

:: What are people constantly thanking you for? Asking your help with?

:: What in your life acts as an inspirational reminder to bare your soul?

Noodle on these questions + write to me below on what makes you feel inspired, confident and free.  Tell me how you bare your soul on a daily basis….

In my own quest to bare my soul I’ve got an exciting new project in the works.  It’s not a workshop/ebook/ecourse (though those things are awesome!).  It’s something slightly more …. tangible.  Make sure you follow along on Facebook for updates!



  1. Hi D, really loved this one. Good to have these reminders from you, on getting back to the soul – reaching for what makes us shine, and create from that place! x

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