How to Have it All: Measuring Success with Fun (Part 1)

Hi there kind soul,

Have you noticed how easy it is to get overwhelmed when you are trying to have it all?  Do you feel the need to have the perfect body, career and relationships?  What about the pressure to be the best mama, girlfriend or daughter? I totally get it.  I’ve been there myself time and time again.  There have been many moments in my life when I have felt like I have needed to not only juggle everything but also be the best at it. It’s chaotic and dizzying and I’m here to help! Over the course of the next three weeks I will be sharing one tip each week on how to not get overwhelmed when you’re trying to have it all.  I want to hear how these tips serve you–reach out to me here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The first step in feeling like you can create and manage more in your life is to measure your success based on how much fun you’re having.

This is a mantra and philosophy I have on repeat right now.  I notice that when I am better able to stop focusing on how much I have accomplished, who I have pleased or how much I have gotten done today and shift my intention and focus to how much fun I’m having that’s when my life begins to thrive. This is when invisible doors open and circumstances begin to happen on my behalf and amazing things begin to occur in my life.  I understand to my very core, as a ‘Type A,’ high achieving, anxiety prone woman, that sometimes fun can be an afterthought.  We can often find ourselves feeling stuck, stressed out and completely bogged down by all we have to do and all we think we need to accomplish. Yet, I’m learning that—not focusing on fun gives stress the power to dismantle us. Twitter_logo_blue  It will block us and cut us off from our capacity to create all that we want to manifest in the world. It will slow us down and make us sick.

Let’s practice being kinder and gentler with ourselves and with others. Because when we are kinder and gentler with ourselves and those around us we contribute to the establishment of a more compassionate world. And that’s just good for everyone.

I understand it’s an emotional tightrope.  I think for an ambitious person who cares about their career and wants to create successful relationships and circumstances–it’s natural to try really hard and want to be the best at having it all.  Striving is fine as long as it is tempered by the realization that in an ever shifting universe the final outcome is out of your control. (Remember when we spoke about non attachment?)  If the final outcome is ultimately out of our control wouldn’t it make sense to not waste our energy on variables we can not influence and focus instead on those that we can? I deeply believe the whole shebang would be immensely more exciting and enjoyable if we collectively strived to make fun a barometer of our success.


If you’re on board, below is a mantra for the next week.  I’ll be practicing right along with you!  Share it with your friends and feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or send through images on Instagram of you having fun while allowing it to be a barometer of your success. Use the hashtag #haveitall

I will measure my success by how much fun I am having! Twitter_logo_blue


I am the proud author of Soul Sessions: A 5 Week Guide to Crafting Greater Joy + Making Big Things Happen. Need one on one inspiration?  Hire me.  You won’t regret it.

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  1. I can’t wait for the next tip! After reading your Instagram post I’ve been thinking about your words a lot. And I realized that I have been putting myself under way too much pressure during the last weeks. That needs to stop!
    Have a great weekend and a safe road trip!
    xoxo, Ronja

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