How to Let Go of a Relationship

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What in your life is so inflamed + aggravated
that it gnaws at your psyche?

What keeps you up at night bleary-eyed + restless?
What keeps you contemplative in the shower?
Zoned out behind the wheel?

What in your life is dying, fading, falling apart so that
something else can be manifest?

And why don’t you let it die?

Whatever it is, is clearly over.
Yet, we cling, white-knuckled, to any remaining scraps.

This is our ancient fear of change run amuck.
And we tell ourselves this present decay must be better
than the unknown that is waiting on the other side.

Like a scavenger dog we sink our teeth into the final remnants of
the relationship, the job, the friend, the dream, the dying aspiration.

You + I, we have all held on too long.
Hoped too long +
carried it long enough.

Why don’t we let it die?
We lack the faith, perhaps,
that life has something better for us on the other side of death.

We think we have so much to lose.
We are wrong.

Everything is energy.  Embrace the concept that
something is dying so that something else, something “more” can be born.

So what in your life right now needs to go?
Which death needs to be surrendered to?
+ lovingly cast away?

The relationship is dying because:
this is all they have to give
+ unfortunately it is not enough.
There is someone out there who wants to give you what you want.

Pull up all the moxie you can + go find them.

The job is dying because:
the contract is too binding.
It worked for as long as it worked for + now you’ve outgrown it.
Out learned it. Out utilized it.
There is another echelon for you to ascend to but you can’t if you stay here.

So don’t.
Say goodbye.

The dream is dying because:
your thinking was limited.
You are clearly larger.
And this small, ill-fitting scenario needs to die
so the more appropriate, grander dream can take its place.

Whatever it is, it must die so that you can be more fully you.

“Your goal is to find out who you are.”
A Course in Miracles.

This goal requires your willing participation in the
natural cycle of births + deaths.

What in your life is fading?
What wants to die so a new piece of you can be born?

Death, as much as birth, is a doorway to beginnings.

Begin again.
Begin today.
Begin now.

Life is waiting on the other side.
And she is patient
and she is so hopeful for you.



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