I find myself by getting lost + freedom from the fights you pick with yourself

Fights you pick with yourself beautiful ocean view

Yes, you can choose freedom.

Freedom from the obsessive need to control.

Freedom to pursue your passion.
Freedom from your lofty expectations.
From the fights you pick with yourself.

Turn around.
Now, face exactly what you have been running from your whole life.
In fact, run towards it.

No more selling yourself short because you are afraid to be alone.

Because I bend, I do not not break.
I drop expectations and I accomplish more.

I find myself by getting lost.
I learn to pick my battles and I cease fighting with myself.

I learn to have no control.
I realize I can trust myself to handle whatever comes my way.

I build a rock solid foundation on my talents.
I realize perfection is a lie and I laugh more.
No more half-truths + twisted lies.

I admit what sucks + I raise my consciousness + sharpen my perspective.
I show up as me + those that can’t stand my light, fade away.

I know that it is not what it is but rather what it will become.

I exhale in relief.

In knowing.

In surrender to the truth of my freedom.


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