I Got Whipped (+How To Suck It Up)

I got whipped suck it up

I got whipped.

And I liked it.

Last week I sauntered up to a brief but fierce call with the high-priestess of straight-talk herself, Erika Lyremark. In case you’re not in the know, when the creater of The Daily Whip offers you an ass-kicking- you show up.

Hey, I like a good lesson.  Dish it up sister.

Confession: my life has been off the hook busy recently. We’re talking beyond the usual chaotic circus.  No, it has hit a whole new level of kah-razz-ee. Can you relate? And things aren’t going to change any time soon. Even with the usually centering meditations I couldn’t shake reservations about my ability to rise to the occasion.

Wrought with angst, I wondered if I could pull up the energy required for the next 14 days.
Doubt + Victim Mentality staring me down from the corner of the ring.

I gave her the stats about how overwhelming my life is at the moment.  She counter served with a crisp, clean, pragmatic suggestion on how to handle my joyful-yet-cumbersome reality:

She suggested I get in decision making mode.  Like, pronto.

DECIDE either to:


Submit to the reality of my current circumstances by not being in a continuous mental fight with what is.
Like….just go with it, dude.

Deal, by making amendments to my current schedule that would lighten the load, ease the pressure + strangle the stress.

Leave my situation all together.  Leave school, coaching, etc.  Obviously not an option.

I initially decided to DEAL.
I thought that if I canceled a few plans + moved a few appointments I’d secure relief.
I sat on that thought for a few hours. But it gnawed at me.  It didn’t feel right.

I reconsidered.

:: Truth is: I chose this schedule.  I selected each activity with intention.

:: I have worked for years towards my current reality.  I will not fight it.
I am going to acknowledge the light and dark sides and meet them with my full capacity.

:: Screw that!  I can totally do this. These are my dreams I am manifesting.  I am going to push
through the next two weeks with acceptance + gratitude in my heart and then intentionally plan
a week of rest on the back end.

In the end I chose SUBMIT. (Or Suck It Up as I like to refer to it)

And I think you should too.

:: Suck it up because the universe is actively giving you what you want + you have the what it takes to handle it.

:: Suck it up because people are counting on you to suit up + show up.

:: Suck it up because sometimes the shit hits the fan–temporarily. And when life gets truly wild, we need to get all warrior on it.

So get warrior on it, woman.

Whatever “it” is.
For me it’s the school + coaching juggle.
For you, maybe  it’s the kids, the 12-hour work days, the in-laws, the last/first 10 lbs or the encroaching holidays.

Of course, you shouldn’t suck it up, every day, for the rest of your life.  That’s a recipe for burn out.  But things won’t be this hectic forever.  Mark an end date on your calendar and schedule in some rewards – a massage, a girls’ night out, a weekend away.

But for now: extinguish “I can’t ” from your lexicon.
Rise to the occasion.  Be willing to do whatever it takes.
You’re brilliant like that.

And when emotionally bombarded ask yourself do I want to Submit, Deal or Leave?
Then just go with it.

Done + Done.


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