I Suck (a word on shortcomings)

window with green doors

I suck at:

reading directions
anything math-related (I still count on my fingers)
having patience for objects with an “ON/OFF” switch
doing one thing at a time
being told what to do
being on time (I’m always 5-7 minutes late. (Sorry)
being interested in politics
reporting to a cubicle (The neon lights, industrial carpet and institutional nature of it chokes my soul and depresses my creative juju.)

Declare your shortcomings.
Approve of your weaknesses
Admit to what you suck at.

It’ll be good for you.
And really, really liberating.

Go ahead.  What would you like to never ever have to do again?

Then ask yourself: “Why the hell am I doing these things anyway?”
Because you can?
Because you’re capable of them?
Because someone else expects you too?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions,
you forgot you have a choice.

Here’s a new credo: Unless it lights you up, don’t do it.

With each breath commit to doing a little less of what you don’t want to do and a little more of what you do want to do. Delicately, gently eliminate from your plate that which depresses your creative juju.

Or, shit! Don’t do it delicately.

Get up on your coffee table and scream at the top of your lungs what you are absolutely, unequivocally d-o-n-e doing. For him, for her, for them, for the sake of it.

Grab a piece of paper and write down everything that you have wholeheartedly chosen to liberate yourself from.
Review the paper.
Then burn it in your kitchen sink.

You, in fact, get to purge everything (mostly everything) you’re just not good at.

Worried we won’t want to be friends if you admit that you’re less than stellar at eggs benedict, giving constructive feedback or doing calculus in your head?

What? You’re not perfect?
Welcome to the human race.

You think we’ll care, we’ll judge.
We won’t.

If fact, we’d love if you just told us that you didn’t want to do it anymore, because guess what?  I’m actually good at what you suck at + now I have a chance to shine.

Yeah? Win/Win.
Sharpened perspective has genius.

You get the help you need.
We get to connect over how you can operate from your true strengths.
I get to take on a task that I can do in my sleep and lights my heart on fire.

How’s that for short and long term benefits?

You just became charmingly accessible.



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