I Wish I Had The Courage To…..

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:: valiant

:: having or characterize by courage

:: being able to face fear with bravery

The willingness to be 10% more courageous could significantly alter + direct the course of your life—in the most magnificent kind of way.  Twitter_logo_blue

It could lead to breakthrough ideas, infinitely important connections, multiple revenue streams, toe curling passionate trysts, international adventures. It could change one person’s life for the better or it could ignite a revolution. It could pay for a trip to Bali, send more business your way, or just pay the rent.  

We must not be detained by the past. Tolling, quivering, doubting are all part of the human condition
but so is rising.
Against the odds, we can make plans to celebrate not only our inherent bravery but the inspired results.

Courage incinerates insignificance;
encourages deep breaths;
and always chooses rising, again and again,
no matter what.

I often wonder what we would individually and collectively accomplish if we were willing to be 10% more courageous.
What do you wish you had the courage to do, say and be?

I know that it might require courage to share what you wish you had the courage to do. But, I’m thinking it can be an empowering exercise.
I imagine that my declaring what I wish I had the courage to do might inspire you to speak your courage and how that inspiration would lead to spirited action and so forth and so forth.

I will start but I SO hope you will join me by commenting below and sharing with your nearest and dearest.  We are here to shine and pushing through even an ounce more of our self limiting beliefs and attachments can give us and our loved ones wings.  I think it’s worth it.  You?  #speakyourcourage

I Wish I Had The Courage To….

:: Not be overly controlling about my business and detach even more from ‘outcome.’

:: Love my aging body and face more

:: Be pregnant (I could write a whole blog post about how scared shitless I am about the responsibility of having children!)

:: Allow myself to not have all the answers

Let’s team up and work on being more courageous together! I know I need the support just as much as anyone.  Please channel your inner bravery and be bold enough to #speakyourcourage here!  I can’t wait to hear from you.



  1. Such a good and inspiring post!

    Although I couldn’t identify it as courage at the time, courage has indeed changed my life in the best possible ways. Looking forward, I wish I had the courage to promote my work more and to seriously explore starting my own business. Here goes!

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      Hi Courtney! Thank you for sharing and I am going to hold you to it. 🙂 What are a few or at least one step you can take this week towards promoting your own work and exploring the start of your own business? xx

  2. I tend to be a pretty fearless person overall. I don’t mind taking risks, and I enjoy seeing what can happen when you allow yourself to do something even if you are, in fact, terrified.

    That said, the one area I have always wanted more courage in is love. For that reason I say… I wish I had the courage to, when guys tell me they’re interested in me, that I could innately trust that. I have no idea why I’m this way. I’m not an insecure person by nature. I think being burned pretty badly in the past makes it difficult. Anyway, that’s the one thing I really wish for in this moment.

    • https://danielle-dowling.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/star.jpg

      Hi Candace,
      Thank you so much for sharing and being willing to speak with courage. Being burned in love in the past can most certainly cause us to be hesitant and not as trusting in others and/or in our own value and contributions in the present. I can’t begin to assume to understand how you were hurt in love but I think for many of us it can stir up feelings of lack, rejection, abandonment, victim-hood and self doubt. We are hard-wired to connect and in the absence of connection their is suffering. Human beings–we are born to be in relationship with one another and what we desire most within the that relationship, within that connection is the recognized for who we REALLY are and seen and celebrated for what is seen. When that somehow gets called into question, compromised by another,it untethers us–we can wonder—is it safe to love and be loved? The healing is two fold…one, to have a very secure understanding of just how whole and valuable you are regardless of external influences and two to find peace with the fact that there is no love without some pain. Perhaps you don’t trust because trusting might open you up to feeling the love and potentially to feeling the pain. But again, there is rarely one without the other. I’m not intimating that you need to resolve being treated poorly but rather raising your tolerance level for not just the pleasant but also sometimes unpleasant realities of loving.

  3. Thank you for this! It is exactly what I needed this morning (and in general.) Fear – even if we don’t acknowledge it as that – holds us back from so much opportunity. Keep these inspirations coming, please!

    • https://danielle-dowling.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/star.jpg

      Thank you Jennifer! I hope this post encourages you to muster up just 10% more courage around something that is meaningful to you in your day and week ahead! xx

  4. I am determined to have the courage to:

    * build my business to the point when I can quit my corp gig even though I am a single mom
    * open up about my own experiences of overcoming PTSD and a violent childhood so that I can help others do the same
    * create the life that I want, in all areas, so that I can fully help other women also create the life of their dreams
    * allow myself to be patient and fully trust the process, and surrender to what is to come

    Thank you, Danielle, for providing a platform for us to voice our vulnerabilities and giving us support on our journey! We are all in this together, and we’re here to help each other!

    Much Love to you All,

    • https://danielle-dowling.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/star.jpg

      Hi Christine! Oh, how beautiful. Thank you SO much for being willing to be vulnerable. Deep bow of recognition and honor for your journey. It certainly takes courage to start your own business let alone do that as a single mother. It also takes courage to speak openly about experiencing/overcoming PTSD and an unfortunately violent childhood—so many of us can reflect on these life occurrences and interpret our worthiness and value through them. And often the interpretation is one of shame and lack and a sense of being not good enough for what we want. I too, have felt this way. Much admiration and support to you warrior woman as you give your self the space and patience to work through, heal and understand your own journey and then use that insight and inspiration to help others heal. xoxoxo #speakyourcourage

  5. You are so right about just being 10% more courageous! I’ve wanted a new life in Florida for years . Was always dreaming and creating plans but then I would go back to the comfort zone of just staying put. After 3 years of being afraid to make the big step – I did it and boy do I not have any regrets. It has opened up a whole new world – one where I was missing out on so much joy in daily life.

    Now that I work for myself, I’m ramping up the courage to do what it takes to grow my business and attract more exciting clients that push me to be better!

    • https://danielle-dowling.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/star.jpg

      Hi love! Thank you so much for popping in and being willing to share. It sounds like the move to Florida or rather the hesitation and eventual joy you experienced would serve as a good reference point for future courageous worthy decisions. Meaning–it is a wonderful living example of the possibility and opportunity that is available to you when you trust your inner voice and back it up with just 10% more courage than you think you can muster! Maybe going forward you take the leap/risk a little sooner trusting that either way you will be OK!

  6. I love this post. I have been tormented lately by this very thought. I wish I had the courage to really say how I feel. All too often, I put others first and in my need to not hurt their feelings or cause problems, I eat my words and walk away.

    What does 10% more courage look like? Would that be enough? I guess I just need to start some where! I need to keep in mind that I matter and that means my feelings are important.

    Thanks so much for this post, it has really made me think about how I approach many people and situations.

    • https://danielle-dowling.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/star.jpg

      Hi Teresa….

      Thank YOU so much for writing in and being willing to speak your courage! I like the idea of trying to quantify for yourself what 10% more courage would look like
      in day to day life. Maybe it is working on personal boundaries and committing to saying ‘No’ at least 2-3x a day. Maybe when you find yourself in a position of putting another’s needs before you own you get in the habit of asking yourself: Will this help me or hurt me? or Will this limit me or illuminate me? I also highly recommend the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown….it most definitely speaks to honoring your enoughness and worthiness as you are right now, imperfections and all and limiting how often you are putting yourself out in a psychological effort to prove yourself worthy. xo!

  7. Danielle, you’re amazing!!!

    Courage is something I’ve lacked over the past 10 years due to some health concerns. It’s forced me to be extra cautious, and sometimes I simply don’t feel well or have the energy to get as crazy as I used to. BUT if I had more courage I would:

    – I’d perform again…singing, dancing, acting (I miss it!)
    – Not let my body image issues hold me back from so many things in life
    – Believe that I’m good enough
    – Embrace the aging process
    – Open up a business that offers gentle health and wellness coaching as well as Pilates that has a philanthropic effort attached to it

    • https://danielle-dowling.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/star.jpg

      Tara! Thank you soooo much for speaking your courage! You don’t need to answer here but it might be worth thinking about just 1 step you are willing to take this week in all or just one of those areas to inch a bit closer to your desires for yourself. xoxo!

  8. I wish I had the courage to:
    -let go of the fear of moving out of my comfort zone and just take the leap knowing I have what it takes to make it happen
    -trust that I am doing the best I can in raising my children and to let go of the guilt that haunts me for: working too much, losing my patience, not getting them involved in enough activities like dance, sports, art etc..
    -to be at peace with what is and enjoy the time in-between

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