Blogs I Heart

Blogs I heart

So many uses for coconut oil! I know I’ll be experimenting with these.

Yum! The perfect healthy recipe to help us transition into fall.

This is such a good idea! Organic meal delivery.

We all need a little extra motivation sometimes. Here are 10 tips for finding motivation to work out.

25 Things I Do To Love My Body (And How You Can Too)

Fashion tips, blog tips and life tips. You’ll want to follow this blog!

10 easiest tips to optimize your energy

Who DOESN’T need ideas to simplify + feel more peaceful? Here are 38 great ones. Dig in!

I highly recommend this quick, 19 minute podcast, ‘Taking Risks, Honoring Your Intuition, and How to Bust Limiting Beliefs’ to give your day a little boost.

LOVE this honesty-filled quote from Meryl Streep. What do you think?

Brilliant! Cut down on email back-and-forth, save time in the morning and be more outgoing. All in one post.

This beautiful list spoke to me. What would you consider things you know to be true?

“Who you are is how you feel” Take this quiz to find out how you want to feel. Fun!

Stop dissing the selfie. This will change the way you feel about them for the better.

Why life is a lot more fun when you stop trying to be perfect.

Read and absorb. Being a good listener will change your life.

How do you handle naysayers? This post will help.
“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.’ ~ W. Gibson.”

How To Host A Blog Crawl (spreadsheets! @mentions! organization!)

Yup. Your business, life and EVERYTHING is intertwined.
“Here’s the thing: when we work really hard in one area of our life or business, it affects the OTHER areas of our life and business too. Whether we realise it or not.”

One million times YES. We can make a difference.
“The challenge we have in the connection economy, in a world built on ever more shared resources and public digital spaces is that some people persist in acting like it belongs to someone else. When they spit in the pool or troll anonymously, when they spam or break things, it’s as if they’re doing it to someone else, or to the man.”

Save these 7 videos for when you need motivation to stop from saying, “I can’t.”
If you work on the internet, I have a feeling you can relate to this post on giving too much, feeling overwhelmed and getting discouraged about progress.
Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash


  1. Hi Danielle! Thanks for mentioning my post about Coconut Oil – hope you found those other tips useful!
    Bring on shiny hair, nails and skin xx

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