Is a Blissful Life Possible?

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What does this word mean for you?

Most likely it has wonderful connotations.

It could mean ice cream before dinner.

Or sticking your feet in an ice cold pool on a blistering hot day.

Or the bliss of a most anticipated kiss.

Or the deep satisfaction of completing a job well done.

What causes you to reach bliss? And how often in any given day do you reach a state of bliss? How often does anyone? Are there those in life who walk around in a nearly perpetual state of bliss? It may seem so. But more likely you are seeing those who are peaceful and happy. And that is a state that can often be seen as bliss.

But what about true bliss? Where and how do you access that state of being? And is bliss peace and tranquility? It could be, if quiet and calm is what you most enjoy. But if excitement and the giddy feeling you get riding on an upside down rollercoaster is what gives you bliss, well then, congratulations! 

The point is that every soul is completely and utterly different than the next soul. Therefore, what makes you blissful may not make the next person blissful. But no matter. For the most important part of life—the key of all keys—is the ability to identify what makes YOU blissful and then how to get to that blissful, blessed state for as long and as often as possible!


  • What makes you blissful, truly blissful?
    Make a list.
    A quick list without thinking.
    A list from the heart.
    Not of wants and desires but what gives you bliss.
  • Then let the list sit for a day before returning to it. When you do, circle immediately those items on the list that give your heart a zing just to see them.
  • Roll those circled items or item around in your mouth—savor the words on the tip of your tongue as if they were a fine liqueur. And then make plans to take a sip of your bliss. Even if it is a tiny sip. Take that sip, with plans to take the next sip very soon.

Meaning: DO that blissful thing. Make happiness a habit. Whether it be at this very moment or blocked off on your calendar to look forward to. Incorporate it, consciously, purposefully fold one blissful moment after the other into your days. If you do, you’ll be sure to discover that quite a blissful life has indeed presented itself.

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