It Doesn’t Feel Right (+ why you shouldn’t)

“It doesn’t feel right.”

Hold up.
Pause right there.

Even if it doesn’t feel like it: this is a significant place to be.
Powerful even.  Definitely worth noting.

Yet we steamroll through these feelings as if they were inconsequential.
Or inconvenient even.

We think we don’t have time for something to “not feel right.”
The job needs to get done;
the task complete;
the relationship hauled forward, already.

Rationalization run amuck,
we feed ourselves very sensible, very logical reasons why we “should.”

It sounds like this…..

:: I’ll do it to make them happy.
:: But it’s good money.
:: It will make me look good.
:: But it’s a great opportunity.
:: I should just agree + avoid confrontation.
:: But I am all they have. If I don’t do it, who will?
:: But they’re expecting me to and I don’t want to disappoint them.

No. You. Shouldn’t.

Because it doesn’t feel right.

Bam.  That’s it.  Nothing more.

All that rationalization can over-complicate the decision making process.

Your gut instincts are one of the most powerful natural resources you have.
They will tell you how you feel long before you can articulate it.
Honor this information.

The truth is, you don’t “have to.”  (Really, you don’t)
Just because you think you “should” doesn’t mean you should. Twitter_logo_blue
And most times when you do something “for the money”
you suffocate your soul.  Which, quite frankly, is a drag + uncomfortable in the long run.

Doing what feels right will always make you feel bright + turned on.

Doing what feels right is simple.
Direct. Uncomplicated.

What feels right will not, however, be instantly popular.

The world pays attention and you teach us how to treat you.

If you are always caving in to the “shoulds” + consistently abandoning your gut instincts,
you teach us to expect you to fold and we’ll lean on you for “more.”

If you hold your boundaries and do only what feels right;
you give us the opportunity to set our grumbling aside + lean in with admiration + respect.



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