“If I Want It to Be–It’s Meant to Be!” (Video)

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Welcome back to Dreamscape Journal December where we are putting a pause on practicality and giving ourselves permission to dream and dream big again! We understand that we are powerful creators, and we can either create by default or create the life of our desires with intention and focus. Therefore, in addition to resurrecting our heart’s deepest whims and wishes, we’re learning how to receive the “reality” of those dreams with effortless ease.

We understand and know that “If I want it to be–it’s meant to be,” and if the dream is not coming forth easily that’s because I am not making it easy. The struggle is created from wanting the desire from the place of not having it, from the perspective of impossible or nearly impossible. We want it with all of our heart but it’s not here. When we want something from the place of not having it, with our awareness on the missing of it, then it must remain missing.

In short, we must feel what it feels like to have the thing we want most even when it is not yet tangibly here. We must feel good. Admittedly, this can be challenging to do and feel and yet, The Law of Attraction says that we need only be in the receiving mode to receive all we desire with ease, not that we necessarily have to be in the receiving mode around the thing we want most.

If one can achieve the feeling state of feeling good in a general sense, then one does automatically shift into the receiving mode of ALL one’s dreams and desires. So, if you can’t think about receiving the love of your life with ease and some sense of possibility, then don’t think about that topic. Choose instead to focus on what does and is feeling good in your life. When we raise our vibration by focusing on what is appreciated, lovely and fantastical in this moment, we raise our whole vibration, thereby making it easier for the all of what we desire to easily move forward.

Nothing is more important in the game of manifestation than feeling good.
Feel Good = High Vibrations = My Dreams Come More Easily To Me.

Therefore, as a key component of Dreamscape Journal December I have been introducing high vibe tools. A series of techniques, if practiced with intention, that will keep you feeling good and hence a vibrational match to all the heart yearns for. Last week we discussed “The Dazzle,” one of my all-time favorite high vibe, happy tools. I dazzle collect from morning to night, and it has me skipping through life!

Today, I introduced the technique of “snapping back to the now” as a happy helper for anchoring us in the now but also, you guessed it, feeling goooooood!

It may look like an easy task, and you may say to yourself, is that all? What else can I do to just get to things already?!! But I assure you that this will be a challenging task. However, when you do start to master this on a regular basis, you will see that your vibration heightens, and that it is likely to stay quite high. As this occurs, you will start to see that things start to come more easily to you. That you start to know in a deeper manner that you will get all that you yearn for and decidedly much more. (In Divine Timing, of course).

Without further ado, here is your Soul-Work assignment for the next week:

Only think of the now for the following week. When you begin to think more than five minutes ahead, do snap your attention back to the now. You can take five minutes to look at all of the goals for the week and for the day, but then do snap your attention to the now. As you do so, focus intently on each second of each minute. Focus on each and every moment. Every second. Every small speck of time. For when you do that, you stay in the now, and when you stay in the now, you stay on the steps of wonderment and delight.

Do what is right in front of you. You will find that you stay focused on your intentions, and you will get an incredible amount of work done towards your goals during this process. Even better, you will feel a contentment and peace as you go about each minute knowing that you need not “worry” or “fret” about what hasn’t happened or should happen or might happen or is supposed to happen, etc. Once you get into this mindset, I assure you that your vibration will rise like a thermometer on a hot, hot summer day.


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Join me for Dreamscape Journal December!

Grant yourself permission to dream big and join me for a month of reacquainting yourself with your heart’s deepest wishes and desires. Put a pause on practicality as we release any concerns about how to “make our dreams happen,” and simply allow ourselves to swim in the tranquil and restorative waters of effortless ease and abundance.