I’ve Had Some Work Done!

Danielle smiling

Trumpets! Confetti! Celebration!

After months and months, a million tweaks, and as many emails to Rebecca,  Sarah and Danielle Z.  I’m thrilled to pull back the curtains on my re-designed site.

I think you guys are going to love it – I know I do!

I have so many fun little bells and whistles to share with you!

* My new video
If you’ve never heard the story of how and why I became a life coach and got my doctorate in Psychology, you should watch this video (or if you just want a sneak of my super handsome fiance.)

* Visual inspiration galore
Looking for relationship advice? Inspiration and spirituality? Words to live by? I’ve got you covered.

* ‘Pin-it’ options
And if you like some of my posts enough to pin them to your own Pinterest board? Now, when you mouse over any of the images, you have the option to pin directly from the post!

* Suggestions for related blog posts
By now I’ve written hundreds of super helpful posts (if I do say so myself) and I’d hate for them to gather dust in the archives. So I installed a widget that suggests related posts. If you like what you just read – keep going!

* Larger sponsor ads
I’ve been accepting sponsors for a bit now and they’ve been super happy! So happy that I wanted to offer new, larger ad options. Drop me a line to snap up an ad of your own to reach over 20K+ readers.

* My most popular posts
Want a review of my greatest hits? I made it easy for you and put them all in the right side bar. Go have a look!

* Tons of free downloads!  
Rebecca polished and pretty-fied all my worksheets so they’re even more fun now. Go check out my Essential Self Workbook, the Make It Happen! daily planner, or my mini ebook How To Negotiate + Ask For Anything You Want.

* Things just got a lot more Tweetable
“Tweet-worthy” links are embedded into the posts for easier tweeting, so now you can share those short snippets and action steps with your friends on Twitter. (Are we friends? I hope so!)

As always, thank you so much for making this online space part of your life. I’ve got tons of exciting things in the works for this year and I can’t wait to share them with you!



  1. I am in love with your new site, the video and just the all around feel of your site…gorgeous color scheme and light. Beautiful Danielle xoxox

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