Making Magic Happen with Jacki Carr, Goal Coach

Magic Happen with Jacki Carr

We’ve all got different definitions of making magic happen. What’s yours?
Absolute magic is when you are connected on that soul level with another human being and oh, how I live for it. When I let my guard down, when I choose to make deeper eye contact, when I hug longer, this is when the magic happens.

Of the things that you’ve accomplished in your life, what are you most proud of?
Honestly, I am most proud of my connection with my family. The majority of my family lives in Texas and Indiana. I live over here in sunny Southern California. It takes major effort, open communication and big love to rock the relationship. I am so proud of the tight bond we have, long distance or short distance, family makes my heart beat and thus it is top of my priority and goal sheet and my continued greatest accomplishment.

When you’re taking on a big new project, or you’ve set your eyes on a new goal, how do you  actually, you know, make it happen?
When taking on a big project, I go to the future first and start to envision the final product. From there, I write down powerful goals with clear accountability dates to get me in action. I believe in the hustle towards the goal, and I also believe in the magic that comes when you declare what you want and share it with the World. Hustle & Magic, all day every day.

What books/tools/products/apps have helped you on your journey?
Hikes on the mountain for radical perspective. I devour all things Brene Brown, specifically The Gifts of Imperfection. I could watch the documentary, I AM by Tom Shadyac numerous days in a row (check it out on Netflix). And yoga, long live yoga and the space to be quiet, go within and listen!

Most of us living big, challenging, magical lives have met our fair share of naysayers. How have you dealt with that?
Get honest. In my past with naysayers, especially naysaying friends, I usually take a time out to asses. Then, with all the vulnerability and raw communication I can muster, I share with them how their naysaying ways have an impact on me and request support and love. This creates choice, we can choose to rock on or choose to go our different ways.

When you have moments of doubt or get distracted, how do you refocus on your goals?
I have rituals that bring me back to my true self: time on the yoga mat, a long run, coffee or wine with a friend, family connection, and calibrating to my deepest core values. From there, once realigned, I re-read my goals, I connect with my vision and I create action from a true and responsible space vs. one of reaction.

What’s the most magical thing going on in your life right now?
There is so much magic. My most magical thing(s) going on right now are my raw and real relationship with my fiance, Chris Hynes and the power vibrations from my co-founded company, Rock Your Bliss.

If you could build a perfect day from scratch, what would it look like? (Where would you be? When would you wake up and go to sleep? Who would be with you? What would you eat/drink/do?)
7:35am Alarm. Kiss. Coffee. Beach Run. Delicious Breakfast. Day Hike with Pups. Shower. Nap and Snuggle. Dark Chocolate. Bikes. Patio sesh with Friends. BBQ. Wine. Home. Bed. Read. Snuggle. Kiss. Dream.


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Jacki Carr is a goal coach and Founder of Goals on the Rocks in Venice, CA.  Her declared impact to the World is to inspire all beings to be present and powerful in your own language, create a reality you love and have more adventures.  She is the co-Founder of Rock Your Bliss, a yoga & goals movement committed to making shift happen on and off the yoga mat.  She has an affinity for dark chocolate, peanut butter, her fiance and her pups, Bear & Moose.

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