Introducing JoyJourneys: A New Series of Fun-Loving Soul Prompts

quote image that says "Question: If you had your choice of a magical mode of transportation, what would it be?"

Welcome to the “JoyJourneys” series! Designed to provide you with the much needed, brief and imaginary respite the heart and soul craves in a busy day. You’re encouraged to set aside logic and practice feeling into your most joyous, feeling-good response to each fun-loving question.


What could be more energizing and uplifting than a journey of the heart into one’s deepest fantasies? Well, nothing really! For as we allow ourselves to imagine and daydream with the delight of a child, our energy and mood goes up, up, up! Translation: Focusing on our dreams with positive imagination makes us feel-good, and when we feel-good, we become an emotional match to all the heart wants.

Our dreams, whims and wishes, as one can imagine, are of a high energy. The bountiful bank account, the loving, adoring partner, the once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity, are all made of high vibrating, excited, joyful energy! When we’re stuck in the muck and mire of our day feeling overwhelmed, disillusioned and bogged down by life’s to-dos, we sink into the lower energy emotions of doubt and disbelief, putting us out of alignment and not an emotional match to our desires. Yet, if you’re focused on discovering and pursuing what feels good and is good, then you’ll attract more to feel good about. Feeling good is the golden ticket, so to speak.

I promise, friends, as you ponder each JoyJourney question, you will laugh, you will smile, and as you do, you will enjoy the gift of feeling good. You will become an emotional match to all you desire, thereby allowing the dreams of the heart to flow forth with greater ease and grace than ever before. How’s that for a win/win!


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