Making Magic Happen with Juls Bindi

We’ve all got different definitions of making magic happen. What’s yours?
To me, life is magic! The fact that we can create anything we want in this world is remarkable. This world is changing extremely fast and it’s only going to speed up. With the population rising so does the manifesting which is going to make the world around us more interesting.

Of the things that you’ve accomplished in your life, what are you most proud of?
I’m proud of myself in general. Everybody should be proud of himself or herself everyday. Every moment is so different from the other, so it’s hard for me to pinpoint just one. There are many moments I’m proud of. Just to name a few they include:

  • incorporating and coming up with my business name ZuGoPet
  • the day I filed my patent and trademark for ZuGoPet
  • when my lawyers said my patent is going through
  • the day ZuGoPet donated my first check to Dogs Without Borders to rescue
    more animals lives.
  • The day my family and friends said “We believe in you.”

All of these moments are moments I think back on and am proud of.

When you’re taking on a big new project, or you’ve set your eyes on a new goal, how do you actually, you know, make it happen?
I make my list to see how realistic my goal is and how it sits with me. When I hit blocks this is when I force my self to think out of the box. I ask myself questions that challenge my way of thinking. I write down obstacles that are causing a problem then seek out a solution from various sources. You can always seek out an expert, ask others for their options and create alternative solutions to try until you resolve the issue. I always tackle problems head on and never wait or ignore what could potentially prevent me from succeeding in my business.

What books/tools/products/apps have helped you on your journey?
Social media and creating an online community has helped me on my journey because people I connect with are people that have supported my dream of building ZuGoPet. I’m always trying to find ways to make ZuGoPet interesting and keeping people engaged with my posts. I also read a ton of books on organization, communicating with people, marketing and networking. Any business you get into is in the business of people. Learn and genuinely love people!

Also, the act of giving back has been one of my strongest tools. The more you give the better you feel and the way you feel about yourself and the world is usually the one thing that really holds people success back.

Most of us living big, challenging, magical lives have met our fair share of naysayers. How have you dealt with that?
I take naysayers with a grain of salt. I don’t try to convert anyone to my vision. I don’t shut anyone’s opinion down, but never take anything personally. If you don’t have anyone that disagrees with you then are you really being your authentic self? If everyone likes or agrees with you ask yourself are you or the people you hang around being authentic? I love the saying, “Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.”

When you have moments of doubt or get distracted, how do you refocus on your goals?
Take a long vacation and never come back. Kidding! Make a list of different ways that you can reset. I sometimes make a reward system for completed tasks and goals. I write my list and if I complete it I do something nice for myself. Sometimes you can get distracted or doubt your self because you’re overwhelmed. Sometimes to refocus you need to defocus and have some time to yourself. Then you come back with a fresh set of eyes, attitude and mindset.

What’s the most magical thing going on in your life right now?
The vision I saw for my company, ZuGoPet, is finally taking off! I had an idea and it’s being accomplished. There is nothing more fulfilling than starting a project or an idea and following it through to the end.

If you could build a perfect day from scratch, what would it look like? (Where would you be? When would you wake up and go to sleep? Who would be with you? What would you eat/drink/do?)
I have already had many perfect days but questions like these allow your mind to manifest.

My perfect day would be waking up with a fresh pressed juice on the side of my bed, with my yet to be known smiling husband in a tropical setting like Bora Bora. I would have my two yet-to-be-born children, my dog and cat sunbathing on our bedroom deck. The deck is open to the warm ocean water so I can jump in first thing in the morning when the sun rises to go for a swim. Breakfast is ready after my swim and morning routine shower where my family and friends are all together enjoying the beautiful island, the amazing fresh breakfast and smoothies. We all prepare for a scuba diving escapade to explore sunken ships, caves and reefs. We all come back to our place with our lunch on the table that our raw chief prepared. After lunch everyone gets massages, read and enjoys their leisure time. I would then go for a hike to explore, play with monkeys (because on my perfect day that would happen) and then be at the highest point of the island to watch the sunset with my family. We would head back to the house on the water where we would find a beautiful lit table on the beach with again my friends and family sitting, laughing, drinking and eating amazing food. After dinner we would all eat dessert of our choice (mine tiramisu) and talk about life, the unknown, metaphysics and how to manifest another perfect day like the one we just had. I would head back to the room with my husband, go for another night swim and pray the night never ends because this is a perfect day.



Juls Bindi is the CEO and Founder of ZugoPet. ZuGoPet is a brand of innovative and fashionable pet products, which includes a signature, multifunctional pet carrier.


Growing up on her grandmother’s ranch, Juls always had a passion for animals and their welfare. Because of her passion for animals, and from seeing her own dog suffer from severe travel and separation anxiety, Juls knew she had to do something to help her dog and animals worldwide. Juls’ entrepreneurial spirit guided her to design a way to help her dog Russell and other pets suffering with separation and travel anxiety.

Juls is passionate about saving and protecting animals, especially from being euthanized. She volunteers with a plethora of animal shelter and advocacy groups. Additionally, she’s worked with the world’s most famous athletes and celebrities, helping them heal physical ailments with love, positive energy and through physical therapy.