The Surprising Key To Feeling Confident is Simpler Than You Think

The key to feeling confident

There are days where I wake up feeling negative, overwhelmed, disappointed. Days where I am convinced that I have fallen short, am less than, not good enough—almost immediately upon opening my eyes!

It’s not that I don’t have anything to be grateful for, and it’s not that I don’t know how blessed I am. It’s just that I—like you, I imagine—forget that sometimes.

Why It’s so Hard to Feel like Enough

And while it’s not great; it is natural: Our brains have a natural negativity bias. Left to its own devices, our brain will always assume (and assure us) that the glass is half empty. It’s in our nature—our survivor nature is always asking: Do I have enough? Am I enough? Of course, that’s helpful for surviving, but not so helpful for thriving. That train of thinking keeps us within a scarcity consciousness—even when scarcity couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unfortunately, that’s just part of the problem. Another reason you (and I) may find ourselves feeling self-doubt is because we’re constantly being bombarded with information, with “evidence” of everything we don’t have and everything we can’t be.

Over and over, the external messaging seems to be:

You should be thinner.

You should be wealthier.

You should be further along.

You’re not quite enough yet.

That’s an extreme amount of pressure on the human psyche. With messaging like that, it’s easy to understand why you might also struggle to find daily fulfillment and self love. It gets even harder to gain confidence when:

Money is tight.

Work is a slog.

The kids won’t listen.

You feel overweight.

[Insert unfortunate circumstance here]

The internal (and sometimes external!) disapproval can be intense.

But I know that if you’re reading here, you already know that only love is real.

Not the self-doubt.

Not the frustration.

Not the fear.

You know that—but how do you feel it?

How do you get there when you’re–anxious, angry, overwhelmed and overtired?

How to Love Yourself & Gain Confidence

In an increasingly pressurized world—it’s never been more critical to our mental health and prosperity to have a daily mind training practice.

Just as you might go to the gym to train your physical muscles, you have to cultivate and show up for a daily mind training practice that sculpts and habituates a powerful, generous outlook on life.

Your life.

This is about actively participating in the creation of your reality.

Rather than letting the world decide for you.

You can choose to be hypnotized, by the negative voice in your head and the external, scarcity-minded messaging that something is wrong with you . . .

. . . or you can take your power back every day, and remind yourself that:

You are happy.

You are confident

All is well.

There are a lot of helpful mind training techniques—from meditating in complete silence to very interactive Kundalini practices. There are mantras, prayers, visualization, writing exercises, and more. And I am committed to showing you how to utilize all of these and more so that no matter what is going on in your life—no matter what people (past or present) or the world throws at you—the reality that you fiercely hold to will be:

I am happy.

I am confident.

All is well.

Deciding that you are going to be confidently happy and generous—no matter the external circumstances of your life—is a gift to humanity. Your daily mind training practice is a practice for all of us. Uplift yourself and others through a daily recognition of your own abundance, your radical confidence, and your radiant life.

I’d love to show you the way.

MEDITATION:  The Prayer of Love

Primary Effect: Greater sense of grounding, confidence, self esteem, abundance and prosperity.

Posture: Sit cross-legged with a straight spine.

Mudra (hand position): Place the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb, the rest of the fingers straight.

Movement: No movement.

Mantra: The mantra is “I am bountiful, I am beautiful, I am bliss.  I am. I am.”

Time: 3:00 minutes (set an alarm on your phone).

To Finish: Three inhales and exhales. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale again. Exhale. Inhale one last time. Inhale and stretch the arms upward for 10 seconds lengthening the spine and exhale.


Photo by AMISH THAKKAR on Unsplash