Later may never come

later may never come two tables at a cafe beautiful pink flowers and two windows

We hoard.

Feelings, belongings opinions + the best of ourselves.

We “save it” for a better day. For an event that’s more important so it won’t “wasted.”

Yet, sometimes “later” becomes “never.” And never can suffocate.

The “good” china, dress or jewelry is left behind to dull + collect dust. Unused, unworn + subsequently unloved.

We squirrel away our opinions (+ hearts) for a more appropriate audience, until we know more, or the perfect moment. We fear if we spend what we have now we’ll use it up and be left empty handed.

We’re wrong.

Sometimes opportunities and people go away and never come back. Don’t miss out.

Choose instead to inhabit the fullness of every moment. Each second of your life comes filled to the brim with possibility.

Trust that there will be more where that came from, dear one. Use your best stuff now. In fact, give it away.

Don’t think about what you’ll get in return. Don’t think about running out. Just give it away.

It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich. – Sarah Bernhardt

:: Throw away the sweatpants you’ve had since college + wear the red silk ones to bed instead.

:: Take the high-brow, expensive perfume out of it’s box + get spritzing.

:: Speak up at the Monday morning meeting. Ask the question, offer the solution, begin the discussion, start the revolution.

:: Give your best advice away for free. (Writers, bloggers, musicians, artists– that means you.)

:: You are THE expert. Today, act like it.

:: Wear red lipstick.

:: Be the first to say I love you.

:: Be the first to give an apology.

:: Laugh more.

:: Wear your ‘real’ jewelry everyday. (Even if you’re a full time mommy.)

:: Open the savings account + commit to putting away $25 a week. It adds up. You’ll see.

:: Start the blog. Begin anywhere: a feeling, a color, a word, a picture, a quote.

:: Heal the past, forgive the offender + liberate your heart. Not when you have more time to think about it–now.

It begins with the decision to be here with us now. After all, later may never come…..


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