“Let Me Be Dazzled!” (Video)

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Everyday is a precious new opportunity to begin again, to dream anew and call in–with more clarity than ever before–the dreams and desires of the heart. As you wake in the morning, your energy has been reset, if you will. Before you remember that something from yesterday was wrong or off or unwanted, the mind and heart are wide open vessels of possibility and freshness. There exists not a doubt or disbelief or disillusionment that stands in the way of you and the effortless ease of receiving that which you want most.

Therefore, as you begin the day tomorrow, and all the days following, let the exclamation: “Let me be dazzled,” roll off your tongue and reverberate through the energetic airways for all of Life to hear and respond to. Yes, before you remember all you have to do today that you don’t want to do and thereby sink your mood and vibration, lean instead into the high, anticipatory vibration of: “Let me be dazzled!” 

We are in the practice this month of reacquainting ourselves with the dreams and desires of our heart. Those that perhaps have been put on a shelf or stuffed in the proverbial drawer and therefore long forgotten. We are peering in that drawer, pulling out and resurrecting the dreams of days gone by and holding them up to the light as if a precious gem. In awe and delight, we are once again allowing ourselves to dream and dream big. It is fun and frivolous and gleeful!

And yet, the head can wander into a doubtful cloud of: Where are they? Why don’t my dreams, which I love so much, arrive more swiftly? 

There is only one reason, according to energetic law, why our dreams don’t flow in with the effortless ease we yearn for, and that is because we are not yet a vibrational match to that which we desire. Yes, receiving our dreams and desires becomes hampered by the feelings, and therefore vibration, of doubt and disbelief.

We want what we want with all of our heart, yet at the same time, we doubt it’s possible for us. It is a push and pull of high vibe and low vibe energy with the result being a complete and utter stalemate. We feel lit up and excited about our dream, and therefore it moves towards us and then in the next breath, we doubt that it’s possible and feel disillusioned “it’s not here yet,” and so the dream stops moving forward.

Nothing is more important in the game of manifestation and the creation of a feel-good-life than FEELING GOOD! Dreams and desires move into our reality with ease, no hard work required, as we choose to make a practice of focusing on feeling good.

How can you feel good more of the time?
Let me introduce the vibrational uplifting and shifting tool of: “The Dazzle!” 

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Now, you may be thinking, “What exactly is a dazzle?”
Good question!

A dazzle is a high vibrational, happy event, circumstance, experience, affirmation, awareness or realization. Basically, a dazzle is anything awesome and of abundance that is worth paying attention to and reveling in. For as we pay attention to awesomeness, we attract, do and become more awesomeness. The dazzle practice first came to me in our most recent Hello, Joy! group class. We had such fun with the concept!

A dazzle can be:
A front row parking spot at the grocery store
Getting all the green lights
That text message that puts a smile on your face
A good night’s sleep
A lady bug on your windowsill
The new client
The extra cash
The clean bill of health

As your awareness settles on a dazzle, exclaim out loud: “A dazzle! I caught a dazzle!”
I promise friends, you will laugh, you will smile, you might even feel like the luckiest, most blessed and most loved person on the planet. And as you do, your vibration will rise, and as your vibration rises, you have now become a greater vibrational match to all the heart wants.

A practice worth practicing, yes?
I thought so!

Experience the practice for yourself, and see and feel how noticing and relishing in dazzles lifts your mood and thereby your vibration and therefore what you attract.

Please watch the video for full context.
Dazzle away the week, and I will “see” you soon!


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