When Did You Last Let Your Heart Decide?

"Maybe it's possible..." quote image

“Tell me, princess, when did you last let your heart decide?”

Aladdin sings this lovely and heart-provoking lyric in the well-known and adored Disney tune, “A Whole New World.” He asks the princess to think and feel and see through her heart’s eyes, rather than the logical mind. Aladdin takes her on a magic carpet ride filled with the breathtaking views of wonderment.  He implores her to revel in the delights of living, the magic of dreaming and to believe in the impossible, unencumbered by the practical mind.

In today’s “Dreamscape Journal” class, I encourage you to do just the same. Be the princess set free on the magic carpet ride of your deepest desires. Suspend reality and soar above it all in the delightful awareness of your dreams.

The mind may tug at the heart and cast questions of doubt and disbelief. That’s more than okay, dear one, for we can melt that resistance like icicles on an early Spring day with just a few energetic finesses.


“Maybe it’s possible…..”


“Wouldn’t it be nice if…” 

ahead of your dreams can make them feel more believable and more possible. From the place of “maybe” it becomes a whole lot easier to shift our vibration into “possible” thinking and ultimately the belief that, “Yes, this is for me!”

Please watch the video for full context. Have fun printing out and pasting the below images alongside the photos in your Dreamscape Journal.


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"Wouldn't it be nice if..." quote image

"Yes! This is for me!" quote image

"Maybe it's possible..." quote image

Join me for Dreamscape Journal December!

Grant yourself permission to dream big and join me for a month of reacquainting yourself with your heart’s deepest wishes and desires. Put a pause on practicality as we release any concerns about how to “make our dreams happen,” and simply allow ourselves to swim in the tranquil and restorative waters of effortless ease and abundance.

Join me on Thursdays in December as we explore all things magic and manifestation. I’ll teach you how to reach this place of pure power and inner knowing, so abundance rains down on you!