Let Yourself Off The Hook and Un-Prioritize

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What if you were to ask, what are your un-priorities?


What does that word conjure up for you when you hear it?

It has a rather serious tone to it, doesn’t it? A weighty tone, even. A “you better take notice of this” tone.

What if you were to turn the word upside down? What if you were to ask, what are your un-priorities? What are those things that don’t make it onto the list? What would those things be? For by looking at the things that aren’t top priority, you may just find a treasure trove of fun baubles and bits that you may very well be in awe of!

When I considered what may be on my un-priority list, dance classes popped to mind.  For nearly 2 years I’ve been terribly curious about a series of hip/hop, contemporary, pop-like dance classes offered in town!  My ego mind says:  “Oh, no deary, we don’t have time for that!  Think of the work you have, the house that needs cleaning, the child that needs tending to!”  Are you hearing something similar from your ego?  I bet we have so much in common!  And yet, one has to wonder the value of the un-prioritized.

Is this to suggest that what we don’t prioritize is indeed precious, unmined material? At times, yes, at others no. At times it could be that these are gems you haven’t yet picked up and dusted off—perhaps because you don’t think they are important enough, though they entice you and excite you. And do remember how excitement is inextricably linked to your life’s enjoyment!  Are you having fun while “getting it done” or just “getting it done?”

On the other hand, these un-prioritized items just may be things that you could and perhaps should throw in the round file. For they are things that truly are of no importance to you at this time.

Only by looking through the pile of un-prioritized items would you find the gems amongst the clutter. So, go ahead and do prioritize, but every once in a while, take a look at the un-prioritized.

You’ll be glad you did.


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