Let’s Talk About: The WHY Behind Her WHAT


On Monday, I shared my manifesto (four letter words! bio-psychological responses! tangible truths!) Today, I asked some of my favorite entrepreneurial ladies what makes them tick. I hope you’re ready for a heaping helping of inspiration.

Alexandra Franzen:  Promotional Wordsmith and Pro-active Pimp
I am: A neon-green VOLTAIC avenger. Strumpet nerd. Disco monk. A lovable scamp. A LASER-BEAM lover.

I deliver: Head-turning WIT. Traffic-stopping charm.Pummeled and poured into words that WOO. Strategies that soar. And MAGNETIC moments.
I’m alive:To remind YOU (and you. and you.) How earth-quakingly, core-shakingly
hardcore-oh-hell-yeah-STUNNING you are.  That there’s a PINNACLE. And you can reach it. That the rules rarely apply. And when they do? Ha. Just, ha.
I will: Underpromise. Overdeliver. And act like it’s normal.
I want: Spacious, mystical, clarified days. Rapt attention. Audible gasps. To roll with world-shakers & game-changers. Modern-day Platos & Rumis. Mellowed-out Rands.
I believe: Webcopy can be poetry. A pitch letter can delight. And one great tagline can change the world.

High-voltage vision.  Bring it.  Beam in.  Be it.

Jessica Wright: Owner, Crude Products, Co-founder Ace Department
At its ugliest, the truth is that I’m in business for myself because I hate to work for anyone else.  I love working, love being productive, love accomplishing — but I’ve never felt as satisfied at the end of a long day as I do working for myself. When I was working crazy hours in marketing for a company whose mission I could never really get on board with, I’d imagine myself doing similar things toward a different end.  The problem was I had no idea what that different end would be.  So over the course of many years, I started a bunch of projects, hoping each one would be the business, until I found something I loved.

In the case of Crude, that turned out to be wholesome cosmetics.  In the case of Ace Department, it’s helping other women entrepreneurs get to a place that makes them as happy as I am.  (Hopefully a little faster than I did.)

I believe in the power of eternally trying, encouraging curiosity, and focusing on the user.

Elizabeth Hardig: Virtual Visibility Inc.
I believe in helping women reach their goals as entrepreneurs. No success is ever reached alone and your tribe, your team, your people are a true reflection of your values, determination, ambition and goals.

I believe in collaborating with great women to create grand ideas. I want to reach a higher level of success in every aspect of my life which is why I feel so compelled to help others do the same.

I believe my purpose is to support small business owners so they can focus on the aspect of their business that they love. My support includes website development and design and virtual assistant services including email newsletter design and distribution, list building, blog support, teleseminar and webinar management and other various online marketing tactics.  No successful business owner has ever made it big by trying to do everything on their own, and I believe a little help can go a long way.

Brady Hahn: Non-profit Effect
My passion is unlocking potential, breaking boundaries, and building solutions. My vision is a world that embraces humanity, allowing all people to live in their true beauty (i.e. full potential).  My belief is that collaboration, based on strong, authentic relationships, is the key to sustainable change.

As a facilitator, researcher and strategist, I am part of the tribe that wants to celebrate thoughtful philanthropy, which etymologically means “the love of what is to be human.” I am the founder of Non Profit Effect, a consultancy focused on collaborating for change in the non-profit sector through positioning for-profits, non-profits and social entrepreneurs for partnerships & strategic initiatives. Through Non Profit Effect, I am creating a community of individuals working together to exchange knowledge, create tools & resources and generate solutions to transform the core of the non-profit sector. Equip. Exchange. Empower. Effect.

Nailah Blades: Polka Dot Life Coaching
I’m a certified life coach for twenty-something women who are teetering on the edge of greatness. I help my clients get unstuck and uncover their true passions by breaking down their queen-sized dreams into bite-sized goals.

I believe in the absolute power of young women. I believe that our generation of women has so much drive, power and innovative brilliance that it is possible for us to change the world if we tapped into even a fraction of it. Unfortunately, it is easy to listen to our inner gremlins and instead play it “safe.” It is much easier to stick with the unfulfilling but secure job than to go after your dream job, it feels simple to stay put in a relationship that is draining our energy. All too often, we begin to doubt ourselves and don’t play as big as we should.

And that breaks my heart.  I became a coach to help young women realize their Enoughness so that they can tackle their greatness dream. My mission is to help young women buzz at their highest frequency. I wholeheartedly believe that we all need to be doing our awesome work – whatever that awesome work may be.

Heather Hope Allison: The Buzz Girls
Influenced by years of working in entertainment, marketing and special events, I created The Buzz Girls tastemaker network and event series. We host a wide range of experiential events from cocktail parties and dinners to spa and shopping events.  To me, The Buzz Girls is the answer to what I felt I and other women needed the most – to bond with like-minded women who also strive for real connections, relationships and opportunities.

Throughout the past four years, witnessing relationship building with amazing women and brands has been more rewarding than I ever could have imagined.  When you make real connections with people, your success and opportunities personally and professionally are boundless.


Shelve your fear + dig deep. Be curious about what steers your behavior.

Strive to fully ascertain, grasp hold of what makes you tick.

Why this project?  Why this partner? Why today?

Relentlessly asking and honestly answering WHY velcros you to your truth.

Ask yourself:  What am I called to do and why?

The inertia of such inquisitiveness will send you tumbling forward.  In the best kind of way.



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