Let’s Talk About: Work/Life Balance

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On Monday, we talked about being totally freakin’ busy.  I asked to some of my friends about how they maintain the balance of self-love, career and a great relationship.

My schedule is always packed and I don’t get the time or the quietude I need for myself—I’m working on that. But I have a few tried-and-true tricks that pull me out of panic mode. Yoga is my number-one—it restores my energy and stabilizes my blood pressure. My outlook is vastly improved afterward, so I have the calm I need to attack my to-do list. The others are the simple pleasures: Curling up with my dog, a hunk of cheese, and a book—or dinner with my husband. They feed my soul and nourish my body—even just fifteen minutes are an easy escape, and the happy brain chemicals these activities produce bring me back to a good place, so I can refocus on the tasks at hand.
Katie Dohman: journalist and style editor at Minnesota Monthly

To me, balance is achieved with effort and letting go of the idea of perfection. I have set boundaries at work so I don’t miss out on activities and time with my kids. I have given myself permission to walk away from being mommy or employee and just be Jill.  It makes me better at both of those other roles.  Going to the gym regularly, spa-ing, girls’ nights, reading a book on the beach alone – all of these help me to center myself. Drinking wine while I cook has also done wonders. I’ve stopped worry about my house looking perfect all the time – that energy is better spent elsewhere. No one ever died wishing their house was cleaner. Oh, and I use ALL of my vacation days.  (as an aside, what is up with people who don’t take any vacation?)

Two nights before my healthy, independent grandmother passed away, I was telling her about the weeds in my garden (it is overrun with weeds) and the fact that I hadn’t yet mulched.  She told me she hadn’t mulched either.  She went on to tell me not to worry about the weeds or the garden – go enjoy my friends or kids or read a book on the beach.  The garden wasn’t going anywhere and really who cares.   She spent the next day with her friends, not mulching….she passed away the morning after.  I’m glad she spent that last day with friends and not worrying about her yard.  Good lesson and one she’s been trying to teach me for a really long time.
Jill Thompson, Attorney

Balance is tricky, particularly for professional women. Try to keep things simple, have a game plan or plan ahead, focus on one thing at a time (multi-tasking is actually inefficient), honor your needs first always and don’t over commit. The first rule for me is to check in with myself several times a day – how am I feeling? and what do I need? If I answer those questions honestly, they usually provide good direction on how I need to move forward with my day. Lisette Costa, Advertising Executive

LIFE BALANCE is a relative term, because it means different things for everyone.
To me, it is about being in a state of driven contentment. This means staying motivated and inspired to move toward goals, without feeling the unnecessary stress of taking on too much, expecting the unrealistic, or hearing the noise of the world around me.I find balance by:1. Taking time each day to set priorities.2. Remembering that no matter how much lies before me, it’s all about the big picture.3. Saying a firm and meaningful “no” when needed.4. When all else fails, taking a breath, closing my eyes, and thinking of the TRUST I have in the greater energy that runs through all of us.
Delf Enriquez: trainer and coach

As a career-focused lady, I have found that the best way to find balance is to simply prioritize. Yes, my business is important; but in the long run my marriage and health pulls top rank. If you put as much time, thought, care and effort into your relationship and yourself…you are sure to feel true balance in life. Make love part of your daily routine – have breakfast together, enjoy a glass of wine before bed or schedule an afternoon coffee chat. And remember….the grass is always greener where you water it.
Christina Holm-Sandok: president and creative director Style-Architects

The state of ” Equilibrium” is reached once we allow ourselves to go “off balance”! Which means, that we need to face our issues as they arise, and allow change to happen! I believe emotional traumas, ignored/ overlooked, over a long period of time can affect our “psyche”, resulting in Fear and anxiety when faced with challenging situations. I have learned to accept those challenges as they will help me to “grow”. I believe inner balance is reached based on free will , to allow change, and to grow in a greater state of being. we can then, love without fear of loss, and accomplish with stronger values.

Accept, embrace and allow……….
Azita Ansari: creator of Well Being of Isness

What are your secrets to maintaining work/life balance?  Share them in the comments!


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