January Coaching Intensive: Jumpstart 2015 in a Bright, Satisfying Way

The new year is rearing her gorgeous head and I’m sure your inbox and RSS feed are inundated with ideas about how to make 2015 your best year yet.

But maybe you need more than ideas.

Maybe you need a (kind, loving, warm-hearted) push in the right direction.
Maybe you’ve read and loved Soul Sessions, you’re living your life on purpose, and you’re ready for something a bit more personalized.

You’re not just going to write down a few resolutions and devotedly hope that this year is different.
You’re going to enlist some help – because you’re clever like that.
And I’d love to be the one to help you.

With The Jumpstart Sessions I’ll guide you toward healthy, helpful new practices. I’ll teach you to release bad habits and plan for the year (and life) you want.

Here’s what you can expect:

:: My step-by-step method for releasing old patterns + seizing the life you most desire.

:: A toolbox of easy + useful skills you can use everyday to keep you on track + on purpose

:: Practical and spiritual guidance

:: Email recaps of our three 60 minute phone or in person sessions

:: A full color workbook of the Make it Happen daily, weekly + yearly goal setting sheets.

The Jumpstart Sessions are a three-pack of powerhouse coaching sessions.


Over three weeks, we’ll plant new habits that will pave the way for a thrilling year. The new year is a time of rebirth + revitalization and the truth is reigniting your goals + deepest desires for yourself is different than just going through the motions of making the same ol’ resolutions.

The kind of lasting change that births + sustains the life you dream of requires you to release negative behavior and fold yourself up in your desires.

And it’s a lot more likely to stick if you do it with support + structure.

Are you ready to jump start 2015 in a bright, satisfying way?


Then join me this January for these one-on-one, power-packed 3-week intensive! 

Investment: $350

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