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When I was in high school, I was one of those honor-roll + eight-different-activities + volunteer-gig-on-the-side kids.

Once I got to college, I interned and grade point averaged my way into a good job.

After I graduated, I kept my nose firmly to the grindstone, cramming in time for the workouts I thought I should be doing, the letters home I thought I should be writing, the relationships I thought I should be developing.

I did everything within my power to live The Right Way. If someone had given me a multi-page outline for A Successful Adult Life, I would have followed it.
And probably asked for the footnotes.

But none of this made me feel whole. 

I did everything I thought I should do and I still felt a little dull.

A bit emotionally washed out. A little is-this-all-there-is?

Because I wasn’t actually living my life on purpose. 

I was letting it live me. 

I made a lot of changes when I had this epiphany (you can watch a video version of my story here) and I funneled all my hard-won wisdom into my book Soul Sessions.

I am so, so proud of Soul Sessions that I wanted to reach out to other women who had discovered that a life you love takes work and active effort. 

For a whole month, 18 of my favorite women shared their living-on-purpose stories with the internet … and we collectively scribbled notes because each post was filled with soul-shaking wisdom. So much wisdom I knew it needed to be in book form.

May I present to you How To Live Your Life On Purpose: 18 Insights From Women Who Know. It’s 72 pages of smarts, insight, and ideas that just might change the way you navigate your day to day.

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