A BIG Announcement (Let’s hang out in L.A. together!)

Lifestyle Design Camp in LA

How happy are your goals making you today?

Happy people are more creative, productive, caring, and intentional. Creativity, productivity, care, and intention not only makes you a better leader, but these traits will also put you on the fast track to attaining any aspiration you have in life. Not only that, being creative, productive, caring, and intentional will help you enjoy every minute of every day even more.

The problem with goal setting e-courses, webcasts, conferences or workshops is that it’s a one-size-fits all solution. They don’t take into account you: what you really want, where you are right now in your life and how to customize the steps in between so you actually get to the goal.

All these personal details are the missing link between you and your dream life.
This missing link is why the Lifestyle Design Camp was created.
Together we will take care of the missing link between what you know and what you have.

The Missing Link

One of the biggest benefits of coming to LDC is that you’ll get hands-on coaching from professionals who walk their talk every day. We’ll give you individualized attention and co-create with you an action plan customized to your life right now. Right now. Not where you should be in life. Not where you wish you were in your life. Right now.

That way, each day after camp, you’ll have a clear direction showing you exactly how to get to your dream life. This makes any decision in life easier – no matter how big or small.

The strategies and methods we teach at camp are the strategies and methods we use in our own lives and teach our clients. They are designed to help you gain more inner peace, energy and become happier and healthier.

So picture it….

A cozy intimate setting.
20 women who have entered the space looking for the same thing.
2 days, 2 experts
and the chance for me to finally meet you.


I can barely keep my excitement in so I’m just going to tell you the BIG news.

I have been asked to help bring Lifestyle Design Camp to LA and
YOU are invited!

Here’s the backstory. My dear friend Sarah from yesandyes just attended Lifestyle Design Camp in Minnesota.

Sarah’s pretty awesome and it still blew her mind. She was so blown away that she emailed me about it with an introduction to the camp creators Katie and Jina.

Her words-
“I’ve read a jillion self-help books and I STILL learned tons!”

Since the introduction I have been in contact with Katie and Jina. They are going to be in California for a private camp in Ojai and asked if I wanted to offer my readers a camp in LA.
Between Sarah’s glowing recommendation and the info on their website (which beautifully shows what we live and teach are so similar) it didn’t take me long to respond. “I’m in.”

So ladies! Here’s the scoop.
They will hold a Lifestyle Design Camp in LA March 14th & 15th for 20 women. Just 20!
And I will be there participating, guiding and holding space for you as well.

You can get every last detail here.

lifestyle design camp

When you sign up for the LA camp email list on that page you will get their pre-worksheets for free plus early access to registration. Since there are only 20 spots I highly suggest you sign up for that list.

If you’ve wanted to see my style live, get one-on-one coaching and finally step into the lifestyle you know you’re destined for then I hope you come to camp in March.

I love getting the opportunity to meet more women who think like me and are seeking the same things. An in-person experience to work through all of the messages Jina, Katie and myself teach seems once in a lifetime.

I can’t wait to meet you!  xo!


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