What If Everyday Was an Inspired One?

gold chandelier representing waking up to an inspired day everyday

Question: What if everyday was an inspired one?

If you’re like most adults, you’ll lay in bed in the morning evaluating if today is a day you can be happy. Prior to feet hitting the floor, most people will run through a mental checklist of how they imagine things should be in order for them be happy.

For example:
“Did my love interest call me back?”
“Do I currently have all the money I need and want?”
“Am I skinny enough, strong enough, healthy enough?”
“Am I on-track in my career?”

There’s myriad examples to be made, and I think you get the point. Meaning: If circumstances line up well, we usually allow ourselves to feel good and happy about today, and if not, we tell ourselves we’ll feel good when “things work out.” Yet, this leaves the magical feeling of feeling good out there in the future somewhere, rather then here in this present moment, with you!

What if every morning we practiced asking ourselves: What would be SO fun to do today?! Even if it wasn’t responsible? I’m not suggesting quitting one’s job and leaving behind friends and family, rather a gentle but intentional practice of being mindful of our heart’s deepest whims and wishes rather than an inherited list of expectations and obligations?

Why am I intent on whispering in your ear about magic, mystery and glee, even?

Look at it this way. Is magic, pure magic, with all its blessed bells and whistles something that you can easily grasp with your intellect? Something that you can measure and pour and measure and pour again?

Yes, and no. But mostly no.

For magic is magic is magic. And that is the wonderful thing about magic. That it does prompt you to “trip the light fantastic.” Magic prompts you to stare at the stars in the sky and the cloud formations and daydream a bit or a lot.

Magic is not something to be categorized or counted or understood at a basic human level. Rather, magic is something to be experienced. To feel. And the feelings will then drive the actions. This is your secret here. This is the gem that you seek in all of this that I speak.

Do remind yourself of the magic of Disneyland. The feeling of magic that people get when they go to Disneyland. It is a visceral reaction, when you think about it. Riding a rollercoaster and the look on a child’s face when a giant Donald Duck comes around the corner. Yes, it is nothing less than pure, inspired elation.

And if you’re thinking that magic and elation isn’t for adults, know that Walt Disney did start with some scraps of paper on which he scribbled a giant dream in his head. A dream, a fantastical fantasy that was meant to come out, because he had the wherewithal to know it could come out, and that with deliberate, focused intention it could be outstandingly magical, as it has become.

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