Live in Unconditional Happiness

woman with unconditional happiness within

Question: Do you live in unconditional happiness?

I recently had the most extraordinary epiphany. In what was a rather mundane moment, it dawned on me: I’m happy.

My mind immediately searched for a solid and sound reason I “should” be so happy.
“Yes, there must be a good reason I’m feeling happy,” I reflected. Yet, after a brief pause, I realized that I was happy for no reason. To be clear, I am aware of all I have to feel grateful and happy about, however, in this particular moment, my sense and overwhelming feeling of happiness was not attached to a particular reason.

This translated into such an awe-inspiring, reflective experience for me, because in the past I had directly correlated my happiness to an event, person or circumstance in the external world. Meaning, if I felt happy, it was assumed that something good must have happened with a love interest, friend, money, health, career, etc. Therefore, my happiness was conditional upon specific external circumstances. Yet, in this case, I felt and simply thought: I’m happy.

In a rather dull moment of organizing my makeup case and preparing for a bath, I felt remarkable contentment and peace. So much so I went as far to think, I don’t NEED anything to be different to be happy. Yes, I have dreams and desires and aspirations, but if nothing on the outside ever changed, I felt happy within me.

I’m curious, have you ever experienced a time or times in life when you felt a wave of unconditional happiness? Perhaps you can recall a handful of these happy times from childhood, if not as an adult? Children have the gift of capturing the magic of the present moment as if lightning bugs on a hot summer night in July.

Would you be willing to leave a comment below and share a memory of when you were aware you were happy for no other reason than you felt good? This newfound feeling of “happy for no reason” is unprecedented for me as an adult. So much so that I felt compelled to share it with YOU!

In full transparency, I have been very interested in learning about and practicing the embodiment of joy and prosperity. It has been a full-time passion for a few years, and I think all of the puzzle pieces must truly be snapping into place. This has been extremely exciting for me, yet this experience and awareness also comes with a deep sense of inner peace. How lovely to feel peaceful for no particular reason other than it is so nice to be me!

Once again, please share your beautiful, happy memories with me by hitting reply. And if you are so inspired and interested in expanding your own sense of joy, prosperity and inner clarity, do take a peek at my 6 week, group coaching course, HELLO, JOY! We begin again AUGUST 3rd. Details below.

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