How to Receive the Love You Deserve & Desire

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Everybody’s looking for love.

It’s one of the top reasons people seek my help. They want to find love, attract love, keep love.

And more specifically, they’re seeking that love outside of themselves; in romance and partnership. They want a relationship.

With their perfect partner.

Their other half.

Their soulmate.

But really, they’re coming to me for love.
They want to know: How can I find it, attract it, keep it?

Truly, it’s all any of us is really looking for, often missing the love that we already are; that each of us holds and carries within ourselves. That’s where I start with every client; and it’s where I encourage you to start, too—by building your awareness of the reservoir of love that already exists deep within yourself.

But I get it.

We’re human. We seek connection, relationships, partnership. And all of the love and lessons that come with it. And so, I always share with my clients my three favorite ways to attract more love, too. They are simple, if not easy.

But, more importantly, they better prepare you to acknowledge and receive the love you seek and the love you deserve.

  • Love the Love You Have

To attract anything good into your life, you must first appreciate all that you have. And love is no exception.

You may be looking for a soulmate; someone you can share unconditional love with, experience home with, be completely yourself with . . .

Ask yourself: Where can you find that love right now?

By definition, you have many soulmates in your life; many people with whom you share a strong bond, lasting love, shared values. It might be your mom, your best friend, your business partner, or your puppy—no matter where you find it, acknowledge that you have that love.

Then spend more energy being thankful for the love that is already in your life. This vibration—not the vibration of “What’s wrong with me? Where’s my partner? All the good ones are taken!”—is magnetic, and will attract the romantic love that you seek.

I promise.

  • Forgive the Past

Often, our biggest struggles in the present are caused by the past.

(Well, not the past itself; that has no power over us once it’s actually become the past.)

Our biggest struggles are caused by our inability to let go of the past—of the person who wronged us, of the mistakes we’ve made, of the one who got away.

The second important step to attracting love into your life is to Let. That. All. GO.

And that starts with forgiveness.

Forgive yourself first—for all of the self-judgement, all of the blame, all of the hurt you’ve caused or refused to let go of.

And then, forgive everybody else—everyone you’ve judged as having “done you wrong”. Maybe they did. But you’re only hurting yourself now, if you let that past affect the love in your present.

Do you see what I’m saying, darling?

The Law of Attraction is powerful stuff, and by holding onto any negative feelings from the past, you just manifest more of the same into your present.

But when you forgive, you let go of that negativity—making the necessary space for new love to fill in and manifest much lovelier possibilities.

  • Get Clear On What You Want

Can you tell me what you want? You want love, sure. The perfect partner, of course.

But what does that look like? Who is your soulmate? What qualities and heart-centered traits do they possess? Can you put that picture in your mind down on paper?

No really, I mean it. I want you to write your Soulmate Wish List!

(It’s so much more fun than a Christmas Wish List.)

You have cleared space for this person with your forgiveness work; now it’s time to be clear and intentional about exactly who you want to fill that space.

Height. Weight. The color of their eyes. These things, believe it or not, aren’t actually all that important. Here’s what I want you to consider:

What will really contribute to my long-term happiness?

What sort of partner would complement me?

Challenge me?

Support me?

Love me?

When you get clear on that, I promise you’ll adore them no matter the package they come in!

Like I said, love, the steps are simple, but they only work if you work them. If you haven’t yet attracted the love you want, be proactive about getting it. And, I promise, these three steps will be massively instrumental in getting you there!


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