Blogs I Heart: The Magic Button + Social Media Tips Galore

Bookmark for emergencies: The Magic Button.

“How could you ever look at your body and love it when there are so many things about it that you frankly hate?” Here’s the first step. 

I’ve talked about women supporting women before, so you know I’m on board with these 7 Reasons Women Need Other Women.

Love this interview with Cheryl Strayed on “How to Write Like a Motherf*cker”
“it’s a way of life, really… It’s about having strength rather than fragility, resilience, and faith, and nerve, and really leaning hard into work rather than worry and anxiety.”

Beautiful article from the New York Times on why humans experience awe.

Would you go to the movies alone? Maybe you should. What about traveling alone?

So inspired by the creative entrepreneurs interviewed in the Creative Start Podcast.

How cool would it be to host a pop-up event in LA? Here’s one way to make it happen + foster your brand community.

Super helpful advice: 4 steps to evolving your personal style when you move to a new place

I’ve fully embraced Instagram (let’s be friends!). If you use it for business, here are great tips on how to attract clients + boost your traffic.

While on the topic of IG, Chrissy Teigen gives us a ‘much needed dose of reality‘ about  photo editing in a recent interview. Go girl!

Rethink your social presence: Are your numbers validating your worth? Do high numbers really equal “success?”

Creatively carving her own path, Betsey Johnson is my kind of woman!

Have you seen the Mumbrella? Brilliant!

I just love everything about this shop.

I’ll leave you with this neat video showing historically accurate Disney princesses. Enjoy!


Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash


  1. Love the post Danielle! Thanks for all the info! My fav is the Creative Start Podcast as well as the Being Boss Podcast if you’ve heard it. Both are stellar!

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