Making BIG Things Happen with this FREE yearly planner (your new year’s goal setting guide!)

Traditional goals get forgotten. We’ve all made them. I’ll go to the gym five days a week! I’ll never eat pasta again! One glass of wine per week!  Max! I’ll be in bed by 10 pm every night!

They can be overwhelming if they aren’t connected to what deeply matters to you. They can make life busier. Screw “the list” –  let’s carve a path! Goals with soul and thoughtfulness. When you choose the right goals, they actually make life …. smoother. And, as I discovered this year, the clearer my vision gets, the more I see goodness in my life and that goodness spills over to other people too.  And THAT couldn’t make me happier.

So this is not an exercise in making the perfect list. It’s about brazen honesty. Just start where you are and commit.

This is an exercise in creating a plan, finding more clarity, and striking the match to a fiery, passionate year ahead!

You need to have a vision for where you are and where you’re going. We all end up somewhere, but few of us end up there on purpose. Let’s focus on our focus + our personal visions will keep us on our paths –  even when life gets challenging

Make it happen. Yearly.

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