Motivation Monday: Manage energy, not time + 3 other tools for greater happiness now

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Happy Monday, bright souls!  It’s time for another loving round of Motivation Monday.

Manage energy, not time:  Nothing else exists without good health, and you cannot fully take care of others if you don’t take the time to take care of yourself.  While several areas of life are important contributors to our happiness, there is a hierarchy that creates peak satisfaction and performance. If you don’t master your body—your capacity to maximize your health, energy and vitality—all the career success, money or contribution in the world will be worthless. Begin by sketching a pie chart that represents your daily energy spent and take notice if one category is dominating more energy. Is the majority of your precious energy spent by taking care of your children, work, problem-solving or stress over finances?  Pay particular attention to how much time is spent on self-care and personal well-being. If there’s a deficit in this category, it’s time to prioritize.

Don’t subtract – add: It is advice that is often given for changing dietary habits, so that, instead of trying to cut out certain non ideal foods, it is easier to start by adding desired foods. Adding something is psychologically easier than depriving ourselves of something so the idea is that over time, the added, preferable foods will naturally crowd out the less desirable foods. The same could be applied to almost any habit. For example, if I wanted to spend less time on social media instead of setting a time limit on tweeting or pinning, I could simply add in to my schedule some other activity that I enjoy! “Don’t subtract-add” also works well when it comes to avoiding judging myself.  Rather than trying to avoid judging myself, I could use the self-judgment as a reminder to add more self-love and gratitude. I can use the judging as a CUE to offer myself a genuine compliment. Add rather than taking something away and be your own best friend! 

Create an ‘inner circle’ support group: Who should you be spending time with? The cream of the crop – that’s who! People who are moving in the same direction that you want to go. People who provide you with constant supply of ‘hell-yeah’ inspiration. Channel that energy to fuel your dreams AND theirs! Think about the different goals you have. Now think about people who are currently making that happen. Now go hang out with them. Want to be your fittest, healthiest, tightest self, for example? Spend more time with your green-juice-drinking, outside-loving friends. Perhaps you are you in need a of a friend detox? Put thought into creating a circle of people that you can trust, learn from, support your life’s visions, uplift you, believe in the best of you + share similar moral fiber. This just might be your most important step to achieving greater joy and making big things happen for you + those you love.

Have a “feel good” formula of healthy habits: You will never change anything in your life until you change what you do on a daily basis. Routines create consistency and consistency is an essential ingredient in creating a life you love living in. When you’ve hit a bump in the road, having “feel good” healthy habits will keep you on the right path. I make it a point to use these calendars to keep me on point and on track.

Here are some of my personal go-to lists to help me stay on track all year long:

  • close friends and mentors to be there when I am feeling overwhelmed and frustrated
  • a morning meditation routine (10 minutes) that allows me to sink into my body + set healthy intentions for the day ahead
  • workouts that I know I get results from and that make me feel good
  • time to cozy up and engage in one of my favorite past times: reading
  • a refrigerator of delicious and nourishing foods. I pack a cooler for my car if I am visiting with clients all day

I hope these suggestions (or even one of them!) is helpful and inspiring.  Do you currently practice any of the above? How has it helped you feel more healthy, confident and clear? Are there any that you are interested in beginning today? I would love to hear your thoughts below!  xo

I am the proud author of Soul Sessions: A 5 Week Guide to Crafting Greater Joy + Making Big Things Happen. Need one on one inspiration?  Hire me.  You won’t regret it.


  1. I love this concept! You know I have never really thought about it in this particular way. I mean I always try to put things in the positive as in stating what I want instead of stating what I don’t want, but I don’t know if I have applied that to actual actions!

    Over at True Agape we have a monthly motivation link up (it ends tonight at midnight) but would you mind me adding this to our current link up or next months?!

    Found you through Popsugar Select Living. I am a new influencer as well.

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