How I Have Manifested Love, Money, and a Body I Love

How I Have Manifested Love, Money and a Body I Love (and you can too)

You don’t have to settle, love. Ever.

Trust me on this one.

I haven’t always had the life I have now. For a long time, I just “survived”.

I had a job that was “okay”.
I had a disempowering relationship with food and my body.
I dated the wrong men out of fear and scarcity.
I didn’t believe in myself. (Which is something I still work on every day.)
Oh, and money? Forget it. I literally just got by.

To get out of that cycle, I had to learn something that I teach my clients every day: whether it’s your career, your money, your home, your travel, or your partner, you do not have to settle.

Your goals matter.
Your desires matter.
You matter.

You were created to live a life of magnificence, abundance, and full-out personal mastery. Your desires are meant for you.

And if you know this to be true as well as I do, I’ll fill you in on a few tips to attract the life you want faster and easier than ever:

  • Get really clear on what you want.

How will you attract something if you don’t know that you actually want it? Spend some time alone in your feminine essence (in other words, go with the flow, my love). Start journaling. Get out into nature. Allow yourself the time and space to truly consider and get clear on what you want in life, love, money, and career.

  • Be willing to believe that what you want is possible.

Millions of women (and men) around the world have already transformed their lives—they have called in the partners of their dreams, they are doing work they love, they are living abundantly.

Why not you?

We have all created belief systems about what we can have and what we can’t; what we can achieve and what we won’t—and most of it is completely illogical. Decide today that you will change your beliefs; the idea that what you want will “never happen” or has to take a long time.

Be willing to believe that what you desire is not only possible, it is meant for you. Because it is.

  • Know your why.

Why exactly do you want what you want? What’s the loving, joyful purpose behind your desire?

There’s two important reasons to start with why: 1) It helps you to see when you’ve manifested exactly what you want, even if it came in a different form, and 2) It helps you see when your “desire” is actually rooted in fear.

Not many would say fear is their primary motivation for success, of course. But would you cite “security” as a main motivator? Probably. And security and fear are motivated by the same thing—seeking security comes from insecurity . . . which is rooted in fear.

When you find that your desires are rooted here, you can learn to install new links for the things you want—earning money and attracting romance through purpose, contribution, and joy. You might look at the next 30 days, for instance, and ask yourself and the Universe, ”What’s the amount of money that needs to come in AND for what loving purpose?”

Know your “why” and root it in love, not fear, to manifest what it is you want most.

Once you’ve determined why you want what you want, decide to say “yes” to it . . . and let the Universe do the rest. The “how” isn’t up to us anyway, as much as we often try to control our lives. The Universe will reveal the “how” after you’ve made your decision and said “yes” to what you want. All you have to do is remain in your power and ask: “How would you have this happen?” Then, step back and follow directions. What you desire is coming to you.

  • Stay in the realm of what’s possible.

If you follow these steps, you will manifest abundance in what you desire, though it won’t always come on your timeline. Too many people take this as a sign to give up and move on, but that’s not the answer.

Stay in the realm and the attitude of what’s possible for you. Read empowering books (such as Secrets of the Millionaire Mind or Loving What Is), listen to powerful messages (such as Marianne Williamson’s weekly livestream), and attend educational events in loving environments (such as my monthly workshops at Wanderlust Hollywood).

It’s near impossible to stay unmotivated and depressed in this company. So, I encourage you to put yourself in the way of these reminders and this community on a regular basis.

Like every day. All the time.

And why? Because I know that this works. These days, I love the work that I do, I love the man that I’m married to, and I love the money that I make. I stopped settling, and you should, too.

Everything you desire is yours for the taking, my love. Start putting these tips into practice and start living the life that you want to live.


P.S. If you’re looking for support around manifesting what you desire, I can help! Click here to set up a free convo with me! We’ll get you out of resentment and into receiving in no time. Let’s chat!

Photo by Gabby Conde on Unsplash


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