The Manifestational Might of Being Frivolous (Video)

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Hi friend! Welcome back, yet again, to another installment of Dreamscape Journal December. Last month in the Radiant Living Facebook Group we were uber-focused on producing the high vibes necessary to receive the desires of our heart and soul with effortless ease and abundance. But not to worry that December is over. You can keep the magic going! WOW! That sounds, fun, doesn’t it? Yes, when I see it in words, I can feel the absolute, over-the-top fun inherent in this magical carpet ride of a journey we are on together.

So where to next, you may ask? What far-off land and mystical, manifestational tools are we learning this week? Without further ado, may I introduce you to the frivolous key to becoming a vibrational match to all you want! Keep the word frivolous top of mind, as it is quite literally the “star of the show,” as they say!

Let’s begin first, however, with a manifestational formula of epic proportions:

Excitement + Anticipation = The journey to the heart’s desires.

Yes, if one can stay in an anticipatory/excited state, one can quite literally move mountains and fly over valleys (hello, magic carpet ride) to get to where one wishes to get. We become a vibrational match to that which we desire when we are excitedly anticipating all the good to come! And one of the BEST ASPECTS of this process is that you will enjoy the journey. The stupendous, magnificent journey that you did want to take—including the metaphorical potholes and tsunamis, and the like.

For the path to all you dreamscape about may not be clear right now, but in the not knowing what is on the path, one does start to anticipate! What is ahead around the bend, oh, me, oh, my, you may think! I am so excited to traverse my way up there to see, but as I go, I shall smell the proverbial roses and pick up the gemstones strewn along my path and hold them up to the brilliant sun or under the moonlight and admire their many facets. And that is what we are talking about here. Excitement does make one want to literally squeal with anticipation, wouldn’t you say!

Another aspect of anticipation and excitement and the beautiful alphabet soup of the soul that it does create—is that of being FRIVOLOUS. To be frank, this word has been given a bit of a bad “wrap” for us on the EarthPlane, but Universe would encourage being frivolous!

For it may seem frivolous to go after one’s dreams when they may seem “High Falutin,” so to speak, but that is truly the best way to ramp up one’s excitement and anticipate all that shall come to pass. This is a rather difficult lesson for those souls more steeped in reality. Those souls with their feet half-buried in the EarthPlane, but it is something that will open up your treasure troves, I assure you!

By frivolous, I do mean something that doesn’t seem “serious” enough or practical even, to get one to one’s goals. But something that makes one’s soul soar with excitement. And as you are no doubt beginning to see, something that is special to you and only you. Something that others might not value but that you hold dear. And that is another aspect of this manifestation formula. Not caring what others think of you and what you are doing and what you are thinking and saying and enjoying. Their frivolous is not your frivolous!

Here I will give you the dictionary meaning of frivolous and then my/Spirit’s meaning.

Dictionary Meaning of Frivolous:
1a: of little weight or importance
She thinks window shopping is a frivolous activity.
b: having no sound basis (as in fact or law)
a frivolous lawsuit
2a: lacking in seriousness
a frivolous conversation

My/Spirit’s (way more fun) meaning of Frivolous: Your direct line to your soul’s various callings and what makes you happy and what makes you want to jump out of bed and jump for joy in the morning. These are those actions that make your heart sing. And when your heart sings, you become excited, and then you anticipate and then you manifest abundance, your heart’s desires and then some! Aka: Excitement + Anticipation = The Journey to Your Heart’s Desires = Bliss and Prosperity

I find it frivolous to color in my 3-year-old son, Aiden’s, coloring books, wander around the mall with no purpose other than gazing into the Chanel and St. Laurant windows, watch the tree branches blow in the wind, read a juicy mystery novel of no political or economic importance and enjoy a rose-scented epsom salt bath with a pile of nonsensical magazines by my side!

What is your frivolous? I so want to hear! Will you leave a comment below and share with me so that we may skip along our respective frivolous paths together?

Heaps of thank yous for helping me redefine the art of being frivolous! Let’s do make it a strength. A way of being and doing to aspire to. For we know, understand and agree on it’s true and priceless manifestational value.

Share your frivolous with me now. My heart and ears are open….

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