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Realize personal growth, financial abundance & lasting love with the Mindfulness, Money & Men Coaching Program

You are a powerful creator and this is YOUR TIME to go for your dreams and start shaping the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Personal growth, financial abundance and lasting love are within your reach.

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What would your life look like if:

  • You woke up each morning energized and excited to head to work where you did something meaningful that you are deeply passionate about?
  • You felt a renewed sense of confidence and ease, and were able to eliminate the fear and drama that causes you to second guess yourself and your talents?
  • You were dating the partner of your dreams who was deeply loving and committed to your relationship long-term?
  • You were finally able to lose the weight and be lighter physically and emotionally?
  • Money was never a concern and never a worry.

What would life look like if you were spending your days next to the love of your life, feeling fit and healthy, pursuing the career of your dreams with a bountiful bank account that generously supports the beautiful lifestyle you desire?

If you are ready to change your beliefs and get rid of old conditioning, please allow me to share that this reality is—without a doubt—possible for you!


What you can expect

Mindfulness, Money and Men is a 12 week training that helps you identify and break down blocks, and grow in power and abundance in three distinct areas of focus:

  • Mindfulness and Personal Growth — Reconnect with yourself, eliminating limiting beliefs and self-doubt and getting in touch with your personal power.
  • Wealth Consciousness — Get a money makeover from the inside out, changing your mindset and opening up to abundance.
  • Attracting and Keeping Lasting Love — Learn to find and appreciate the love you already have in your life, while calling in the perfect partnership, too.

You will also receive:

  • Lifetime access to a library of online information, including 8 one-hour video trainings; and additional tools and resources such as: meditations, mantras, inspirational quotes, quick tips, and worksheets to support your personal growth and deepen your learning in each of the three areas we cover.
  • One-on-one private coaching, including nine one-hour coaching sessions—over the course of nine weeks.
  • Light email support between coaching sessions to keep you well-supported and on track.


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The Mindfulness, Money & Men Curriculum

Module One :: Mindfulness

In Module One, we’ll get super clear on how to effectively invest your time and energy, so that you are waking up every day excited and motivated to be your best. You will:

  • Identify the fear, doubt, self-sabotage, and old conditioning that makes you second guess yourself, your desires, and your talents.
  • Learn an easy way to nip limiting thoughts and beliefs in the bud, so they’re no longer stopping you from taking your next quantum leap to true success!
  • Find out the exact formula that will finally unlock your ability to enjoy life the way you were designed to: spiritually and financially free, spending more time with friends and family, working with interesting clients, and going for your dreams!
  • Plus! You’ll get four hours of video trainings, printable worksheets, inspirational quotes, audio meditations, and other resource recommendations to keep you on purpose and on track whenever and wherever you may be!

Module Two :: Money

In Module Two, you’ll study the subject of wealth consciousness and what it means to have a lasting, healthy relationship with money—inviting ongoing financial abundance into your life, once and for all. You will:

  • Uncover where your current money beliefs originate from, and show you how they may be holding you back from receiving the wealth and abundance you truly desire.
  • Learn how to create and sustain empowering beliefs and practices around money—required for true and lasting financial abundance!
  • Begin to let go of who you may have been around money and any drama that may have kept you stuck up until now. (Once you heal this, you’ll be thrilled at how quickly life shifts in your favor!) 
  • Plus! You’ll get two hours of video trainings, printable worksheets, inspirational quotes, audio meditations, and other resource recommendations to keep you on purpose and on track whenever and wherever you may be!

Module Three :: Men

In Module Three, you’ll get clear on your REAL relationship purpose. You’ll find out the three main questions you must be able to answer in order to rid yourself of baggage and barriers to love—leaving you free to attracting lasting love. You will:

  • Uncover the unconscious beliefs that may be sabotaging your love life; and learn to regularly acknowledge your own worthiness—including your right to love and be loved.
  • Identify and challenge your disempowering patterns in love and learn how to quickly move past them.
  • Discover the two things you must stop doing immediately—making you instantly more available to give and receive wholehearted love.
  • Plus! You’ll get two hours of video trainings, printable worksheets, inspirational quotes, audio meditations, and other resource recommendations to keep you on purpose and on track whenever and wherever you may be!

Tap into your power & transform your life today!


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Check out these real results from women just like you!

I have found Danielle’s course, Mindfulness, Money & Men and our one-on-one telephone sessions to be so enlightening, and they’ve helped clarify so many issues for me. My life is wonderful but with Danielle’s course and assistance I feel confident that my life will be even bigger and better than ever before, and my “dreams” are going to move from the “dream” to reality.

I have worked with a business coach previously, however I have found that Danielle is able to very quickly pin point the issues and help me move forward. Plus she made me see things in a completely different way. Running a successful Australia-wide company with several staff, traveling overseas on business, being a wife, mother, daughter to an elderly mother, running a large home plus life in general is a constant juggling act and can often leave one feeling exhausted and unmotivated. However with her guidance, I have really found time for everything, plus most importantly, time for myself!

I have established a beautiful new routine in my life which has left me feeling very calm, in control but most surprisingly very happy and peaceful. Danielle has given me a new perspective and a new lease of life which I am relishing.

— Sue Marks, MarketLink Promotions, Australia

I took advantage of Danielle’s free discovery call after following her work for several years and it’s the BEST action I have ever taken on my path to self-discovery and fulfillment. Our initial call changed EVERYTHING and FAST. With Danielle’s unwavering encouragement and support, in less than 6 months, my passion project is launching into a full-on business, I’m ready to start dating again and I’m feeling more happy and fulfilled in my life than ever before. Through her program Mindfulness, Money and Men, I had a truckload of “aha” moments and “holy shit” discoveries and I’m moving forward with more clarity than I’ve ever had in my life. And what’s even better? I know Danielle will always be there for me when I need her so I can move forward with a confidence that if I fall, I have someone to help me get back up.

What it boils down to is this: Danielle is a unicorn.  Like, no lie…a REAL LIFE UNICORN and EVERYONE needs a unicorn to help them fly!

— Amanda Meyer

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YES! I’m ready to start thinking BIGGER, embrace my power, and begin living the life of my dreams!

It’s time to step up!

It is my life’s mission to empower women to design their own path, and NOT have to fold themselves into a life that does not truly honor who they really are.

If there is one thing I have learned in life it’s that you have to be undeniably persistent about what you want. If you want to draw in abundance—whether in your job, your relationship, or your bank account—with ease, you have to be be relentless about pushing through what’s holding you back.

This mission is deeply personal for me because I spent so long feeling stuck and limited in my own life.

I spent years afraid that I might not achieve the lifestyle, career success, and level of financial freedom I desired. I thought I couldn’t have a successful career. I often feared that I would never have enough money to live the lifestyle I desired, and I had the exact same feelings about my relationships with men.

It was this “fear of lack” and self-doubt that held me back for so long.

When these things became a non-negotiable for me—where I took 100% responsibility for my life AND I truly committed to doing the work—I was able to transform my relationship with myself, men, and money!

I quickly learned that I was not special—so many women had these same limitations. As a coach and a mentor to hundreds of women, I’ve found that there are inner limiting beliefs and “blocks” most people don’t even know they have . . . and they corrode the foundation that will allow you to live an exceptionally fulfilling life.

BUT once you discover these areas and HOW to move past them, the momentum you experience happens quickly—everything “unlocks” and suddenly you see challenges in a new way.

And—finally!—you truly start LIVING.

I want to help you unlock YOUR potential and power so that you too can truly start living the life of your dreams!

There is power in you that you owe it to yourself to discover. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that what our parents said is true: Time goes by SO quickly. Don’t wait another minute to get closer to the life you deserve!

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*Payment options available.

Kind words about my work…

Having found Danielle through her articles on one of my go-to wellness sites, MindBodyGreen,  I’d always thought: “I dig this gal. She seems like my combination of whimsical and practical- not to mention her spunky, magenta-lipped, red-headed, Jersey-girl swag! If ever I wanted a professional take on some of the things I’d like to see grow in my life, she’s who I’d call.” Well, that day came. And, lemme tell ya- best thing I’ve done this year, so far.

From Moment One, Danielle felt like a friend. She gave me energy, hope, support, and validation. I’d come out of my bedroom after a session and my roommate would say, “Was that a Danielle call?” She could always tell.

For those working through some romantic “tough stuff” like I was, Danielle has the most beautiful way of validating what was, to prompt a celebration of what is- and what’s to be! Many times over the months that we worked together during her program Mindfulness, Money and Men, I’d go back to one of her phrases: “If it’s a benevolent Universe- and I think it is- and absolutely everything that happens serves our highest good, then [insert Life situation, tough or triumphant, here] must be the best thing ever!” Any time I asked the question “why,” she insisted that I journal, meditate on, pray about what the answer might be- as ever, from the standpoint that Life exists to serve, not to punish, the people through whom it works. I learned to use “why” as a method of self-discovery, another step along the path to peace, rather than its more common use as a lamentation that kept me in suffering. 

I’ve gained clearer ideas of what I want in work and love and every day, I become more grounded in the knowledge of how deserving I am of just exactly these things- no exceptions! Indeed, Love can only do its best work when its creation is thriving, right? Working with Danielle has helped me embrace the Truth that we’re all here to find out what “thrive” means to us- and get busy living it! It’s not only our right, it’s our duty to the continuation of this beautiful Life!

Give Danielle a call, y’all- you won’t be sorry.

— Melissa H.

I can’t even fully express the gratitude and guidance that this course and Danielle has done for me! Danielle is an awesome listener and fully attends to your passions and dreams. She is like the best friend/big sister you’ve always needed in your life. She is encouraging and truly authentic. Mindfulness, Money, and Men was a life transforming course for me. The course was presented by the Universe at a transition period in my life. I feel that I learned how to attract and manifest the things I want in my life. The thin I took the away from the most was that creating the life you want is for you. No one has to understand it because it is for you, your own path. Lastly, realizing your thoughts are not you, they are not real, and you can change them ultimately to change your entire life. I highly recommend taking this course to change your life and your thoughts!!!

— Shanee Fulton

Call it divine intervention, luck, or fate, but Danielle came into my life at a time when I needed her- in the few weeks we have been working together, my life has changed drastically for the better. Mindfulness, Money and Men is full of helpful and inspiring videos and worksheets, and the one-on-one calls have helped me discover things about myself that 25 years of therapy couldn’t even get close to. I am more confident, focused, and self aware. This is the best money I have ever spent; I couldn’t be more grateful for her authentic assistance and support.

— Laura Frances Merin, NYC

Before I found Danielle, I had this feeling that something just didn’t feel right. I felt like I was running in place both in my career, and in my relationships. I knew I needed a new perspective and a tangible plan. So I consulted with Google and I came across Danielle’s website and immediately I felt like I had found what I was looking for in a Mentor/Coach! Her coaching style seemed both positive and impactful, so I called her right away and we have been jamming ever since!

It’s hard to put into words the amount that Daniele has helped me. Things came up during our conversations that I never knew existed in my thought process. She has a way of gently guiding me to my own answers and that is an amazing feeling. Because of our sessions I feel empowered, truthful, and more kind to myself after just a few months of working with her. I wake up early now after never being an early riser, I work out (happily), I have been making incredible strides in my television career, I feel resolved regarding past hurts, my relationships are so much better, and the list goes on!

Now Danielle feels more like a friend who happens to be freaking Awesome Life Coach and Mentor and I’m so happy that Google sent her my way. Thank you Danielle!

—Jennifer O. Reed, Singer, Songwriter & TV Producer, Los Angeles, CA

I worked with Danielle in a state of so much self-doubt that I was not even sure if I should commit to coaching. I leaped into trusting her, the process and her program Mindfulness, Money and Men and I am so happy I did. Danielle has a beautiful spirit and provided a strong net to catch all my fears and wrap them into an action plan that we devised in a beautiful partnership. Danielle has mastered the art of being an expert coach, friend, astute observer and master organizer. In a few short months, my friends and family have talked about how happy and confident I am. Most importantly, I have built a solid foundation of self love and trust in myself. I have released my struggle on life and replaced it with joy.

—Annie B., Washington, DC

Danielle is an amazing life coach! I started my own non-profit for animals last year and shortly after receiving my 501(c)(3) status I realized I needed some guidance, direction and clarity. I researched life coaches and found several articles written by Danielle. After reading the articles and looking through her website the material really resonated with me so I reached out to her.

During our first phone conversation I instantly connected with her. Every time we talked she inspired me in so many ways. She also gave me actionable steps to take and held me accountable for completing those steps. Sometimes in life we are held back from doing things we truly want to do because of limiting beliefs but Danielle makes you believe that anything is possible.

She gave me a variety of tools to work with and also put me in touch with a graphic designer who I continue to work with. I’m so grateful to have worked with Danielle and I will continue working with her in the future. She truly feels like a friend to me and I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and encouragement.

-Mindy Falzarano, Founder & Executive Director, Happy Animal Project, Inc. (HAPI)


Two words that I use to describe Danielle … LIFE CHANGER! Thanks to Danielle I feel lighter + boundless. She’s helped me to rediscover my true self, to redirect my energy + focus on the things I needed to get done. She has shared effective tools with me to help settle my soul + set me on the right path to accomplish my dreams. I will be forever grateful for meeting Danielle and consider her a dear friend!

— Sarah McGovern, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

I was stuck, no motivation, no direction, overwhelmed by everything and at the same time feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. Nothing was obviously wrong, but I was never satisfied with where I was. Frozen by the guilt for feeling like there should be more and disappointment of not doing something about it.

After meeting with Danielle, this fog is on its way to clearing, the clutter has become manageable and I find joy in the steps along the way. She has helped me become aware of myself and taught me to lean into fear and worry so that it doesn’t stop me from doing so much more. 

I’m more productive at work and a better partner to my significant other. In fact, after 8 years of dating, I am recently engaged. I can’t help but think that my improved outlook may have had some influence on this new development. I am forever grateful for the guidance she has given me to help shift my perspective and attract positivity. She is a constant source of inspiration and I look forward to continuing the journey!

-Natalie Hagnee, Los Angles, CA