Monday Motivation! 3 Ways to Make Your Week More Purposeful + Shiny

We are quickly approaching the end of 2014 and are teetering on the edge of a host of fresh new possibilities in 2015!  This is a time of endings and beginnings, goodbyes and hellos and mostly a time of hope and rebirth.  It is a reminder that regardless of what struggles we have wrestled with in the past we can begin again today with renewed fervor! And what could be a better place to begin then with a morning makeover?

The best time to harness inspiration and cultivate new ways to live the life you most desire is in the present moment. So with that in mind let’s dig into 3 ways to make the beginning of your week a tad more meaningful and shinny.

 :: Make the most of your weekend:  I know, I know, you think this is obvious, right? Well, I totally agree but many of us fly through our weekend mindlessly stuffing it with a host of obligations and must-get-dones and then up up exhausted and dissatisfied with ourselves on Monday morning.  How we spend our weekend really impacts our mindset at the beginning of the week so it pays to put some real thought and intention, before the weekend arrives, into what we really need. Sure, you need to pick up the dry cleaning, do a load of laundry + grocery shop but what do you really need to feel connected to yourself + at peace? Are you craving a long, luxurious morning in bed, reading your favorite novel and sipping coffee? Perhaps the last thing you need is to attend two holiday parties and are desiring instead solitude and deep quite.  Or maybe what you are seeking most is gorgeous connection and if that is the case maybe a delectable dinner with your closest pals is in order! Either way when you create a weekend with intention you will enter the work week with a more empowered mindset.

:: Go to bed and wake up early:  Nothing will prepare your more for a purposeful day and week than establishing a positive morning and evening ritual that helps you nurture perspective and empowerment.  Make it a priority to get some gorgeous, restful sleep by shutting off electronics at a reasonable time, lowering the lights, doing some deep breath work and reflecting on what worked that day.  Try to wake up at the same time every day with plenty of time to ease into your morning. Whether it is a brisk walk around the block, a relaxing cup of coffee or some light stretching acknowledge your soulful intentions for the day without having to be out the door in 22 minutes.

:: Eat Breakfast:  Another obvious moment, but it so bares emphasizing. The beginning of your day becomes so much more sparkly and you are more energetic and alert through your morning when you pause for breakfast.  As I recently mentioned in my new book Soul Sessions it helps to prepare for Tuesday morning on Monday night.  Many of us don’t have the time to prepare a full sit down meal during the week so it helps to have nutritious and easy to prepare breakfast choices available for the morning in the kitchen. Take it a step further and consider preparing your breakfast the night before! You’ll save yourself time and stress and maybe have some time to sit down and enjoy!

Heaps of love!



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