Monday Motivation

Hey bright souls!  Are you sensing a theme in my recent Monday Motivation posts?!  Even-mindedness, joy, accomplishments + productivity in general all rest on what we commit ourselves to doing daily.  It’s so tempting to want grand sweeping changes and want them now.  So often we desire the capability of snapping our fingers + instantaneously being delivered to that distant shore of  great things + big success.  It can be challenging in a culture of immediate celebrity and reality show riches to recommit ourselves to the necessity of doing the small things well and with patience.  But oh, is it required more than ever.

Truly great things are done by a series of small (meaningful) things brought together.  It is in the doing of the “small things” that appreciation and gratitude take root; it’s where inspiration and application are born; where fortitude, conviction + loyalty are learned + cultivated.  It’s in the doing of small things that depth of character is articulated and the evidential “great things” are deemed worth it.  

To your soul journey! May you relish in each and every step.  Big or small.   xx

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